Best podcasts?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by ScottyBiddle, Jul 22, 2012.

  1. ScottyBiddle

    ScottyBiddle New Member

    While I am at work I love to listen to podcasts. What are some of the best podcasts for a gun lover like myself. I know of handgunworld and armed American and NRA news. Is there any others?
  2. GunnerGSP

    GunnerGSP Active Member

    Try Tom Gresham's Gun Talk. This guy can talk guns and ammo as well as politics. Highly recommended.

    I also like to listen to AAR (referenced in your post), but they tend to focus too much on politics.

  3. glocknloaded

    glocknloaded Click Click Boom Supporter

    Just started listening to The Gun Nation so far so good but haven't gotten far.

    I listen to Bob Mayne in Hand gun world but he's starting to promote his classes to much
  4. ScottyBiddle

    ScottyBiddle New Member

    Yeah the first 10 minutes of every show is him promoting his junk. I fast forward it past that but still annoying.
  5. Second Gun Talk. The host is a really good interviewer, and down to earth.
  6. GunnerGSP

    GunnerGSP Active Member

    I tried handgunworld today and I like it so far.

    The host did go off on a tangent a few times, but the content was still pretty good. He plays some weird bumper music though.