Best night sights for a Glock

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    I have trijicons on my G34 and night fision on my CZ P-09 both have blacked out rears a yellow and orange front . Anything that helps my senior eyes see the sight ! Have not made up my mind on which I prefer orange or yellow .
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  2. I agree with Bob. I do like a high contrast sight these days to compensate for less than stellar eyesight, but for low light shooting, a WML is really my preference above any special sights. As mentioned, if you can see your target, you can see your sights.

    I'm working on learning to shoot well with a red dot on my gun. It's a learning curve, but man does it help me these days. It's a bit of a blurry starburst due to an astigmatism, but it's all about learning new and better ways.

    Good luck to you,

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    I just put a Vortex Venom on a G17 4 MOS slide put it on my G34 4 frame (now I have 2 options ). What is really nice on a red dot is you can focus on the target instead of the front sight .
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    Wilson Combat/Vickers tritiums work well for me. They are dot on dot. The rear is a U notch and a slightly dimmer tritium globe than the front. The front is available in a couple of different widths. If you're patient enough, Black Friday pricing was pretty good.
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    I agree that there is nothing wrong with factory night sights, I have had at least two used glocks that come with them, and they never changed. But if I am going to go to the trouble to spend money on night sights, I really like the Night Fision options for contrasting. The Trijicon HDs are great, but the rear sights are a pain to carry AIWB.

    So my all time favorite set up us Trijicon T&B Novak rear with HD Orange front. It's expensive, but I sold the left over pieces as a set to buddy for $75.
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    I like the factory night sights for a cheap but quality option. I used to take friends slides to GT Distributors and they wouldn’t charge extra for install while you wait. They were $56+ tax which is a heck of a deal!
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    I use different brands of nights sights on my weapons, not just on the Glocks. On some weapons, there are a host of manufacturers that make a set for that weapon. On other weapons, there might only be one manufacturer that makes a set. I've used OEM & Meprolight for Glocks I've owned. Trijicon HD types for Sigs and 1911 type firearms. Meprolight for Browning HP and Para weapons. So far, I've found they are all usable. However, my preference is for the HD versions.
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    I have the green/green Meprolights on my only Glock and they have been just fine, but when the time comes to change them again I’ll probably go with Truglo TFX Pro’s or something similar and have different colors on the front & rear. I went with green/green last time due to finding out green actually lasts longer. You would think all colors last the same, but that’s not the case.
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    Had Truglo TFO's on my G33 Gen 4, yellow front, green back - really liked them. The contast was solid and I was able to distinguish the front from the back instantly in the dark.
    There was some hawdoo about the TFOs (at least at the time, when the gen4's came out) not being able to stand up to "torture tests", but I didn't have any problems with them for standard every day carry. Then again I'm don't pretend to be to be an operator or haven't taken grueling "force on force" classes etc.
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    Or maybe it was green front, yellow back? That might make more sense, I forget?
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    Love the Night Fision on both my Glocks!
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    I was considering a set of those recently on a relatively new pistol, but I understand they can be a pain to install (?). Did you install them yourself, or had them installed? What was the experience like?
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