Best money spent on your Glock?

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by Dons86, May 14, 2012.

  1. Dons86

    Dons86 New Member

    I am impressed at all the aftermarket goodies for the Glock, and just kinda lookin to upgrade my G23, and wanted your guys opinions on the best upgrade you have made on your glock's.
  2. $22 w/ free shipping...

    Extra mags.

    I also like my...
    titanium pins
    Extended mag release
    extended slide release
    extended slide stop
    Competition trigger job (2.5-3lbs pull)
    Grips (both rubber and grip tape)
    Mandalorian Bantha skull slide plate
    +2 and +5 mag extensions
    Truglo TFO sights
    Painted letters on the slide and mags

    That about does it for me.

    ps... Holsters!!!

  3. o-yeah... I also have a 15rd mag with a tactical flashlight mag plate and a Maglite XL50 installed that I love.
  4. Glock897

    Glock897 Member

    Trijicon night sights
    Lasermax internal laser
    Hogue grip
    American flag slide cover plate
    Magazines, magazines, and more magazines
  5. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    I think the best "bang for the buck" was the trigger . I can deal with the slide release , mag release and standard sights ( don't get me wrong I upgraded all that too) but the most noticeable performance modification was the trigger . Make it a much better Shooter IMO and its like $25
  6. kodiak

    kodiak Active Member

    Lots of Ammo
    Good Holster
    Quality Belt
    Night sights
    Vickers Extended Controls
    Tac Light
  7. One of the best with mine is the Vickers ext mag realease then trigger stuff.
  8. Dons86

    Dons86 New Member

    I have 6 mags, and the usual dress up parts, but was thinkin trigger job, and a tungsten guide rod? But seems I've read on here alot of you guys don't see any difference with the stainless or tungsten guide rods.
  9. Some people hate Glocks too... make your own judgement.
  10. TampaBaySean

    TampaBaySean New Member

    I can't speak to the tungsten rod yet . I have a G22 with that installed and the factory rod and I am going to do a comparison of the 2 . If you had a G22 I'd send you mine to try out .

    As for the trigger my accuracy has improved greatly . It has also made my wife much less apprehensive to shoot it .
  11. louiespagouie

    louiespagouie Senior Member

    night sights,stainless steel guide rod and spring,extended slide stop,extended slide release,extended mag release,slug plug,Punisher slide cover,ghost 3.5lb trigger connector,6lb trigger spring,firing pin spring,plunger spring.She shoots like a DREAM
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  12. powelltim1969

    powelltim1969 New Member


    By far the best upgrade I have done so far is the tungsten rod and spring, adds weight to the front, i have a glock 21 and it helped alot, also installed chrome extended slide lock, extended clip release, firefield tac light. The glocks are so ease to work on and to upgrade.
  13. FYI... a clip attaches to rds... a mag holds your rds inside it.
  14. Best money I have spent on my glock is 11 mags and lots, an lots, an lots, of .45 acp ammo. ;)
  15. Dons86

    Dons86 New Member

    That's good to hear, I never realy liked the trigger on my 23, not smooth at all, but my biggest problem right now is the trigger, I catch myself antisapating the shot quite often, but I think a trigger job will be my first mod, any suggestions on triggers?
  16. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

    My custom barrel on my 17, knowing what I can do with it is amazing.
  17. powelltim1969

    powelltim1969 New Member

    FYI, sorry for the mis-quote there, didn't know i had the mis-quote police watching, by bad.......
  18. SeventiesWreckers

    SeventiesWreckers Load Bearing Wall

    The most significant upgrade was a set of TruGlo Tritium green sights. It's a personal thing, I just pick them up faster, day or night, than the factory sights. And since I come from a lifetime of 1911 schooling, the extended slide release makes it a easy pistol to use with one hand. The trigger is a bit stiff but still acceptable. Perhaps later for that.
  19. powelltim1969

    powelltim1969 New Member

    sorry I posted an error on my post, EXTENDED MAG RELEASE, not CLIP release, I have been corrected, I think people understand.
  20. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    Awww , well, awright.:D