Best JHP...... EVERYONE'S advice!

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  1. jmiles50

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    I would like to know what everyone thinks is the best JHP. What is the best 9mm self defense round?
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    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Any JHP from a major American manufacturer…. IMHO

  3. SHOOTER13

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    Hornady Critical Defense .45ACP 185 grain FTX

    1000fps @ the muzzle with 411 ft/lbs of energy


    ( so, you changed the criteria to 9mm... )

    Federal Hydra-Shoks 9mm 124 grain

    1120fps @ the muzzle with 345 ft/lbs of energy
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  4. sgtcowboyusmc

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    Old fashion here. I still carry Hyda-Shoks! I have bought some others to check out in my G 30.
  5. Eye_Peeled

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    Currently, Hornady ZombieMax 185 gr. in .45 ACP, only because my local Bass Pro is running a pretty good price right now on ZM in several calibers. Since I have plenty of Winchester Bonded PDX1 124 gr. for 9mm. I didn't purchase any ZM for my 9MMs.

    Personally, I think too much emphasis is placed on "what ammo?" (not knocking you for asking at all, I'm just sayin'). They are mostly all good if they are hollow point. I have a friend who is a deputy and he refuses to pay big money for the ever popular boxes of expensive ammo that come in boxes of 20. He buys the plain old Remington hollow points in boxes of 50 for about the price of what I pay for 20. I think whatever I buy in HP for .45ACP will do what I need it to do, should I ever need it. Heck, I still have a full box of Winchester Black Talon in .40 S&W that I bought in about '92 before they took it off the market. Haven't needed one yet.
  6. Ghost23

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    For 9mm I would say go for the Ranger T series.
  7. SeventiesWreckers

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  8. brutusvk

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    Buffalo Bore makes good stuff too.
  9. Ghost23

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  10. GlockIt

    GlockIt Carry on my friends!!!!

    In 9mm I have the magtech 92.5gr, Winchester silvertips, HST's, Sabers, and Critical defense. Mostly carry the HST's, Critical defense or Silver tips. My preferred carry round in general is either Gold Dots, HST's or critical defense but in .357 its Critical defense, Corbon, or Sabers. But I carry pow'r ball in the .380.
  11. iRockGlock

    iRockGlock Well-Known Member

    In 9mm.
    124gr +P PDX1
  12. lyodbraun

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    I use a mix of Winchester PDX1 and Speer God Dot's in 230gr .45 ACP... in the wifes G19 is Winchester PDX1,
  13. RRoss

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    In my 9mm, I'm carrying a mix of Speer Gold Dot 124gr JHP and Zmax 115gr Zombie ammo in the bottom of my backup know, "Just in case" ;)
  14. Birddogyz

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    I use Hornady Critical defense in 9mm, .40cal, and 10mm. Any good brand JHP expanding bullets will be devastating and do the job.
  15. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    Crit D or Z Max. Depends on which is cheaper when I buy.
  16. AuxSix

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    I use Speer Gold Dot 180 gr in 40 s&w for my duty and back up guns. In my off duty LC9 I use Gold Dot 124 gr 9mm. I have used HSTs and Hydro Shocks before but after digging into the ballistics of the GDHP I fully trust them. Although keeping a mag of Zombie Max around sounds just prudent!
  17. From everything I've read, any new HP ammo from reputable companies are all good. I will avoid anything "Zombie", not for performance, but rather because IF I should ever have to shot a person, I will not give prosecution any reason to believe I was unstable, paranoid, etc. I saw a great commentary by the NRA lawyer on an episode of American Rifleman where he made the same point.
  18. mcdiver

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    "gun control is hitting your target". If you practice and have "gun control", a 22 short will do the job. But for carry purposes, I use the Speer stuff, that's what all of my LE friends get issued for duty. If its good enough for them, it's good enough for me. I have it in 9mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP. Nozler partitions for my rifles, and slugs for my benelli.

    Just sayin.....
  19. rimshaker

    rimshaker New Member

    Winchester Ranger T-series.