Best gun oil for a Glock

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by jclinebell1, May 24, 2012.

  1. jclinebell1

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    I know this could be opinion, but I was wondering what gun oil do people use on their Glocks or is there one Glock suggests. I have seen people use Ballistol. What would you guys suggest?
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    I switched from CLP to Ballistol awhile back. Both work great for basic cleaning and lubrication. I confess that I also use actual gun oil on the rails, barrel and connector though (any good quality gun oil should work fine) once everything is clean and dry. Ballistol leaves a pretty slick coating on parts so the four drops of oil I use might be overkill.

    Glocks need very, very little lubing to function properly.

  3. jclinebell1

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    Thanks. I have heard that Glocks need very little lubrication. And people say to use very little. Many videos I have seen people wiping excess oil off.
  4. +1 Ballistol
  5. What is this, the third thread today? lol

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    Like the ammo threads lol
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    +1 CLP .... Always in all my Glocks, highly recommended
  8. and triggers lol
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    4 drops are all you need. 3 if you have nukinfuts29 polish your barrel for you. I have a little, I think 2 oz., bottle of Hoppes oil. It has lasted me since 2006 and still has half the bottle left.
  10. yea i'm pretty sure my aerosol can of CLP is older than most people's dogs lol
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    I use Tetra Gun Grease myself.

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  12. nyycanseco33

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    You are 100% correct that this is opinion based... If you ask 50 people what the best oil is there's a good chance you could have 50 different answers, I personally use break free CLP but I do have different types to use also like multiple types of Hoppes, rem oil, outers, ballistol and other types... I use the CLP but I like to have a variety at my disposal for myself or others to use... Good luck with finding a cleaner that works best for YOU cause that's what is most important :)

    You may want to try your own steel plate of truth experiment and decide for yourself which kind is best... The way it's done is take a clean steel plate and draw grid boxes on it... Then take some lead and rub it on each grid... Then place some of you cleaner in the grid boxes (different separate cleaner for each grid box) then let it sit for a set period of time... When you return you'll see which cleaners dissolve the lead best and which ones also do or don't damage the metal surface
  13. nyycanseco33

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    Another thing to think about is whatever you put on the gun to clean, lubricate, and/or protect it has potential to always transfer over to your body and skin... This could prove to be an issue due to some people having adverse reactions to the chemicals like rash and blisters... Please talk to our friend nuckinfutz29 here, he can help explain this more as it has happened to him and he's researched it extensively to find that it's becoming a common issue nowadays
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    Sometimes it depends on my mood. Sometimes I'll through my parts in the ultrasonic cleaner and use 4 drops of oil afterward. Other times I'll use some CLP and give her a nice massage/rub down. By her, I'm refering to my GLOCK. I'm married so we all know that's not happening to an actual female.
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    Thanks everyone for your input. The grid test on a steel plate is a great idea Nyycanseco33. I will most likely experiment.
  16. I like ballistol and militec
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    am I the only one that uses:
  18. I've used Rem oil, CLP, and now I'm using Hoppe's cleaner and oil and I've been pleased with all of them. I don't like the odor of the CLP though. I smells like brake cleaner to me! Lol! I've heard a lot good reviews on Ballistol, so when I run out of the Hoppe's, I may give the Ballistol a try!
  19. piken

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    I have been using froglube for a bit now. My EDC no longer smells from 5 feet away. But all in all, the lube is always dry to the touch with a smooth feel. The more I use it and clean the gun with it, the better it gets.
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  20. Thesarge

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    For the past 7 years the only product that has touched any of my guns for cleaning, lube and protection is Weapon Shield CLP which is the next generation of FP-10. It does all 3 functions very well and I swear by the stuff. Being non-toxic and smells good is a plus. Bill