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Discussion in 'What Glock Should I Get' started by rick757, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. rick757

    rick757 New Member

    If I'm looking for a personal protection Glock what should I go with?

    I love the 1911, I think I would like something smaller for CC.
  2. neem19

    neem19 Just trying to stay warm

    I have a G19 but I wish they made one in 45 the same size. I am becoming a fan of the 9mm though. Just have to carry the right ammo I guess. Great CC gun. Hides well with just a tshirt.

  3. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    ^^^they do kina...... the G30 its thicker but side by side w a 19 they are about the same.

    this is a VARY generic question, any GLOCK will do but it's about what one is right for you and your comfort.
  4. neem19

    neem19 Just trying to stay warm

    rick757, Maybe look into the 10mm, Got a lot of pump with Double Tap ammo and not too big for CC.
  5. wsar10

    wsar10 New Member

    I personally would stay away from "odd" rounds if it was my only handgun.
    Lets just say **** gets REALLY bad ( we r not far from it) you will ALWAYS be able to find NATO rounds, that will not be the case with rnds like .40, 10mm, 357sig, 45gap.
  6. neem19

    neem19 Just trying to stay warm

    !0-4 to that. Just making a suggestion but I like to stay with the basics. 9mm,45ACP,5.56,7.62x39. Feed most of the things I have and plenty of it out there when the crap breaks out.
  7. SNG

    SNG New Member

    If you hunt around you can find 1K 9mm for under $225, try to come any where close to that with any other caliber than a .22lr conversion and you will likely find a unicorn standing next to a pot of gold.

    I in no way feel under gunned with a 9mm with modern hollow points vs any of the other calibers. Plus I get to train all day for less than half what you do with a .45 using ball ammo. The value of full power training should not be underestimated.

    If I was stuck to only using ball ammo or a non .mil caliber due to local/state/federal restrictions I would use what I could.

    I currently have a brace of Gen 4 G19's
  8. jln370

    jln370 Member

    Get a 19 Gen 3 RTF2
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  9. neem19

    neem19 Just trying to stay warm

    Yea I have a 19 gen3 and had "The Glocksmith" work it over and it is a great go to gun.
  10. Or if you want a fullframe you can get a G17 for 9mm or a G22 for .40 i just got a G17 (GEN 3) you can find one cheap Gander Mountian is selling Most 3Gen glocks for $499 i dont think you can go wrong with a 3Gen.
  11. peters923

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  12. havasu

    havasu Well-Known Member Supporter

    ^ Indecisive much?
  13. crazyhorse

    crazyhorse New Member

    What he said.

    However, I'd also give the Gen 4 Glock27 a consideration.
    Drop in a 9mm conversion barrel and it shoots cheaper.

    You always have other options with the Glock.

    LONEWOLF New Member

    Best GLock for My Money

    I originally had a G22 but i wanted something smaller.... I sold it and got a G27 OD green frame GEN 3. I love the gun but i shoot more 9mm out of the thing than anything. I purchased a LoneWolf 9mm conversion barrel for it and some G26 mags so I basically have a G26 and G27 couldn't be happier. She's my daily carry.
  15. Dirty J

    Dirty J This forum sucks.

    Glock 19 OR 23 is a great choice. Just depends on your caliber preference. The G30 is NOT in the same category as this. The grip circumference is significantly larger. Not as comfortable in the hand - even the SF models.

    I own a 21sf (same circumference as a 30sf) and find it just a bit large. I CC a G36 and find the grip a bit small, but it's nice and small for deep concealment.

    The Glock 19/23 carries virtually as easily as the 36, but with the best grip fit (for me) and it carries 9 more rounds than the 36.

    Small enough for a CCW but with a decent sight radius. Has a full grip for all your fingers without the need for pinkie extensions. And can use the 17 and 33 round magazines (9mm) if need be.

    If you can own only one model, the 19/23 platform cannot be beat!
  16. caseymc

    caseymc New Member

    QC, AZ
    I myself use the G30 for cc and find it a bit bulky, but I prefer .45
  17. brisk21

    brisk21 New Member

    Id say the 23. Then get a 9mm barrel for cheap shooting.
  18. I carry the Glock 27 with all the extention upgrades for CC protection. Hydroshock makes good LE protection load that is real impressive.
  19. 23 CCW Carry

    I carried the 23 as my car gun in th glove box in 2001. Also CCW carried the 23 behind my back with a holster that came out of Garret holsters. I stuffed full compactl size 23 in it (inside the waist band) and tucked in my dress shirt over it. It had hex screws arounnd the holster so you can tighted the hex screws or loosen for draw preferece then tigten them once the draw preference was to my liking. You can also ajust the cant on how the firmarm is to the angle you like.

  20. tbhracing

    tbhracing New Member

    The Glock 19, 3rd gen is an all around winner. Or get it in RTF if you can.