Best coating for Glock slides?

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by Overkill338, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. Overkill338

    Overkill338 The Underwood Advocate Supporter

    There are so many out there now. Which is the best without spending the price of the gun on some paint?

    I want either a really good black or a silver (matte silver like from bad boys 2).

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  2. Overkill338

    Overkill338 The Underwood Advocate Supporter

    CCR does a great looking black. They charge $100 for a slide.

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  3. chowser51

    chowser51 Active Member

    What's wrong with the black on your gun?
    I had CCR do a black on my Lonewolf slide. Looks great. Most of my Glocks have CPII on slide and barrel from CCR. They also did two SIGs (P226/P229) in tritanium for me. My P228 is there now for CPII/Nikote.
  4. Overkill338

    Overkill338 The Underwood Advocate Supporter

    My Glock 29 was made in September 2016 and has one of the worst finishes I've ever seen on a Glock. It's like a faded charcoal gray and you could scratch it with plastic.
  5. Overkill338

    Overkill338 The Underwood Advocate Supporter

    Here is some pics of my slide

    20171029_201743_HDR-1.jpg 20171029_201817_HDR-1.jpg
  6. Glockgreat23

    Glockgreat23 Member

    I'm partial to mad black, from madcustomcoatings. It's black black and looks mean or really classes with silver pins and takedown
  7. DAVEF

    DAVEF Well-Known Member

    Looks way better than my second 20 when I received it. Has little scratches/wear marks all over like a really nicely worn old pistol. But, no worries. It has been soaked with sweat numerous times and shows no corrosion. The nitride treatment works great.
  8. Hermit

    Hermit New Member

    I recently picked up a Gen3 with that terrible, terrible finish. I makes me not want to buy another Glock if they are going to put out such crap. I know, I know it is only a tool but never have been fired I already have multiple scratches just from holstering.

    Older Gen3 on left, newer Gen3 on right.

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  9. Audioph1x

    Audioph1x Active Member

    My early gen 4 has the orange peel finish and that's probably my favorite that I've handled. Had a late gen 4 for work that had the teflon style smooth finish and it looked way more beat up in a shorter time frame. I'm not sure the generations are any indication of which slide finish you will get, because I have handled a gen 3 with the smooth slide finish.
  10. Audioph1x

    Audioph1x Active Member

    Exactly what I am talking about. The smooth slide finish gets marred up and scuffed up really easily.
  11. Sixgun63

    Sixgun63 Member

    I had mine cerakoted in armors black from Brazen firearms they did a great job I had a lot of wear on my gen 4 in nothing flat from my serpa holster down to bare metal I'm happy with it.