Best advice for new glock owners

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  1. GuitarsAndGlocks

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    Over the weekend, I purchased a Gen 4 22 for home and carry (Attending ccw class Wed.) . Thanks to Florida's waiting period, it will be Friday before I can pick it up. This has given me plenty of time to surf around, getting my head full of differing opinions on this or that pertaining to my new weapon.
    How about a top ten things a new Glock owner should know?
    Great forum guys, Thanks!

    CJKOLCUN New Member

    1. Buy ammo
    2. Shoot ammo
    3. Repeat alot

  3. Redhawk41mag

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    The #1 thing for sure...

    It wont be the last one you buy!!

    Welcome from sunny South Florida
  4. GuitarsAndGlocks

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    Its just as bad as guitars, can never have too many, and theres always that one piece you just can't live without...
    Cripes, I'm going to need a second job! Lake Worth here,btw.
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    1. Every single time you reassemble the pistol from field strip, even if you didn't take the guide rod and barrel out of the slide, you must manually seat the base of the guide rod fully into the crescent-shaped notch in the barrel lug. It slightly pops out of that notch on its own and must be re-seated before you reassemble the gun.
    2. Occasionally you'll need to put a small drop of oil into the interface between the trigger bar and connector, see the video below.
    3. Don't shoot unjacketed lead bullets in the factory barrel. Lead residue can build up much faster in the factory barrel than it would in an aftermarket barrel, which can lead to overpressure. Jacketed lead bullets of course work fine in the factory barrel.
    4. Don't get excess oil into the internal parts of the slide. Excess oil in these areas will quickly collect residue and brass shavings and cause malfunctions.

    Here's a video showing how to lubricate a Glock, he actually uses a little too much in each spot, all that's needed is a small drop of oil or grease in each spot. I personally use oil, and when I put a drop in each of the slide rails I put the drop at the rear of the slide rail and hold the slide with the muzzle down so that gravity will carry the drop of oil through the whole length of the rail to the muzzle end.

    And here's a good video showing how to clean a Glock:
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  6. GuitarsAndGlocks

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    This was exactly the sort of info I was seeking.. great links too - thanks!!
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    Somewhere between 1 and 10. Get together with a GLOCK armorer and get some instruction on cleaning and maintenance. Another invaluable service from GLOCK. They are usually at the GSSF matches.
  8. Here's one bit of advice: The 1911 fanbois may try to club you to death with how their gun is better, but remember, yours holds more ammo ;)
  9. Also, stick with factory mags for Glocks.
  10. iguana0983

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    I've never used the Chinese glock magazines always have used the factory made ones. Is there a whole lot of a difference? Any bad experiences with them?
  11. Webphisher

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    Only thing different from that oiling video that I do is once its back together I cycle it a few times to make sure the slide lubes the frame.
  12. Djstudter702

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    My gf and i bought 2 17 rounders and a 33 each of the KCI brand. I've had no problems with mine, but hers constantly give her trouble. So good experience for me, but bad for her.
  13. jln370

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    I heard that sometimes they have burrs and imperfections that obstruct the follower. I heard that if you take them apart and knock those burrs off they function fine. I don't know this first hand, I read it on another forum.
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    Another welcome & congrats from south Florida (Boca here). I can only +1 what everybody else said here. Get a truck load of ammo, hit the range and enjoy/giggle during the process :)

    Also you can practice dry firing at home with some snap caps which never hurts even if you're a pro.

    Have fun.
  15. I'm about to get my first one, thanks for the info !!!:)
  16. DERiffe

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    There's no such thing as "too many magazines". Buy as many as you can. Load them up for range day. The more you have, the less time you spend reloading them.
  17. Djstudter702

    Djstudter702 Dj Studter

    We ended up buying some Glock springs hoping these will fix the problem. We only use these mags for the range anyways and the factory ones for HD.
  18. Dune18

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    If you plan to keep it loaded at the home or as a concealed carry, practice, practice, practice with safe drawing and appropriate grip. The glock is incredibly safe, but not in the hands of the inexperienced. Then enjoy!!
  19. fls348

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    Cheap Asian mags are good for one thing, range day. Don't carry them in your gun for SD purposes, there's really no good reason. I have a few but there strictly in my range bag and I mainly use them for practicing mag changes. I could care less if the Asian mags bounce repeatedly off the ground, I try to spare the Glock mags for unnecessary abuse.
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    ..very helpful videos to me as well! appreciate it.