best 9mm rounds for conceal?

Discussion in 'Ammo & Reloading' started by Lances, Dec 20, 2011.

  1. Lances

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    Well I'm new to the whole conceal weapons thing an I just want to see what would be the best/affordable personal protection rounds for conceal weapons?
    I carry a glock 19 2nd. gen. just want to start shooting at the range with what I will be carrying. Any help will be helpful an thankful!!
    Thanks Lances.
  2. BORIS

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  3. EvilD

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    All the name brand hp stuff is pretty much the same as far as quality control and stopping power, yo need to find what your gun feeds 100%, groups well and is controllable in your gun. Stick to one of the big brands and you'll be fine. Personally I use Winchester Ranger 115 in my Taurus and Federal 9BPLE+P+ in my G17
  4. G19C

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    Any of the above will do just fine...
    I personally (just my opinion/preference only), carry Hornady Critical Defense as I got a good price on it, and like the ammo. But it is spendy. Personally if I didn't get it for a discount, I would be shooting something else. But I can't complain about the critical defense.. It works good for me! Just my opinon or preference.
  5. DVCguns

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    Gold Dots or Hydroshock in standard pressure. One is always in stock at Bi-Marts everywhere and both function in my gun 100%.
  6. M22

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    I mostly use Federal Hydroshocks. I find they slightly out shoot the Hornady TAP (atleast from my weapons). I have also had good luck with Winchester Ranger.
  7. KeenansGarage

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    I like Federal ammo in my Glock. In addition, I picked up a box of inexpensive 115 gr Alabama Ammo hollow points. They were about $14.00 for 50 rounds at the last gun show I was at. They group great and are affordable to practice with. They are reloads though...
  8. jln370

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    Check out this playlist of 9mm defensive ammo ballistic tests from this guy's YouTube channel. Pretty cool.
  9. robb

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    I have a gen 3 g19 with austrian proof marks. I use cor bon dpx 115gr. Is this a good choice .this is my first gun
  10. Anything the local law enforcement carries so that in a court room the opposing attorney can't try and jam specialty round nonsense up your rear end.
  11. Kmurray96

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    Perfect answer. First the media, then the prosecutor, then the liability lawyers and last but not least, the Lautenburgers.

    Good to see you have your bottom-feeder sonar on. :)
  12. Yea don't get me wrong there are some great rounds out there, but when you carry what the local PD carries it's an easy answer.

    "blah that leads me to my next question, what made you decide to load your pistol with <insert name> ammo?"

    "<name> ammunition is what the <area> Police Department carries. They are entrusted with the security and safety of the citizens and visitors of <area> and since the police know what's best to accomplish that goal I selected their ammunition for my hand gun while carrying concealed in <area>."

    Yea, bring it on lawyer man.
  13. robb

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    What 9mm ammo would most cops use , i know most have 40 caliber .winchester pdx ?
  14. iGlock

    iGlock Lead Farmer

    Speer Gold dots
  15. best bet is to ask your PD. Don't call dispatch to ask, tho lol.

    Most use Ball ammo, but some use Hollow Points or others.
  16. Donn

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    I use Extreme Shock Air Freedom rounds in my 9mm and 38spl+p, They're what the sky marshalls use. Max soft tissue damage but won't penetrate walls or ricochet, something you need to consider with a fast round like the 9mm. That said, 29's post about specialty ammo and lawyers is good advice.
  17. P99guy

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    Last I knew, the FAM's were sporting Sig P229s in .357Sig loaded with 125gr Gold Dot HP
  18. Diesel44

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    Give the Federal HST line a shot. (no pun intended :) )
  19. msandoval858

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    Speer Gold Dots for me. I keep Gold Dots for each caliber of firearm I own (9mm, 40SW, 357 Mag, and 45 ACP). Standard pressure rounds only.

    From what I've read, Gold Dot seems to be among the most popular for law enforcement, so it's good enough for me. The rounds I have tested in my weapons have fed 100% reliably with great accuracy.
  20. Webphisher

    Webphisher Duct Tape, Alabama Chrome

    Im using Federals Hydrashock 147gr JHP for my carry ammo. Personally, since I'm not law enforcement, I don't worry about cheap ammo for carry. I'm not going to spend $100 per round, but I don't mind buying something that I may need to trust my and my loved ones life to. I don't mind spending $25 for 20 rounds when hopefully I will rarely if ever be using them.