Best .380 ACP Model ?

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  1. GaZinkle

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    I know it wasn't on your list but have you considered that Bodyguard 380? I picked one up after shooting both it and the LCP. It just felt better and I liked the fact it had a set of useable sites on it.
  2. j102

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    I did. A friend of mine has one. I put it in my pocket and I didn't like the square looking size.
    It has good reviews, I just didn't like it.
    That is not the gun's fault. ;)

  3. ditchdiggerG22

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    My wife edc's the sig in this discussion. We bought it on gunbroker and it came with a Sig branded trigger guard laser, which she carries all the time as well. She loves that gun. We got Hogue grips for it and 7 round extended mags for it as well. I have bigger hands and I don't mind shooting that gun. She also has a Kel-tec P3AT, and i hate shooting it. I know the Kel-tec's not any of the others you've listed, but for me, there is definitely a different feel between them. For me the Sig "just fits" the Kel-tec was too small, I felt like I couldn't hang on to it. My .02

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  4. thinkricky

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    Ruger LCP - Worst gun I've purchased. Hurt my hand every time I shot. Not accurate at all. Just an all around bother. Sold it as soon as I could.

    Kahr P380 - my daily carry. Perfect size. Built similar to Glock. Closest thing to a Glock pocket pistol. Super accurate. Light weight. Comfortable to conceal even with the pinky extension. Shoots comfortably. I followed the break in instructions. +P ammo approved directly off of their website. Downside is it is picky on ammo. Not really the brand but it's picky on the shape. If the round is flat tipped then it won't feed well or at all. You should cycle through your magazine to make sure the rounds feed. I have Hornady Zombie rounds that have pointed tips so I am set with no problem.

    Sig P238 - I don't own 1 but I found 1 for a friend. Shot it several times. I do like it a lot. It's a mini 1911 basically. The 2 best are mini versions of the best. I don't like the hammer though. I would probably keep messing with it in my pocket if I had one. Smooth trigger because it has a safety to prevent accidental discharges. I couldn't get comfortable drawing and disabling the safety and then firing. Just too used to my Glock I guess.

    I've had experience with a handful of 380s. My Kahr is my favorite. I am a Glock lover and this gun makes me feel at home. The ammo feeding issue wasn't a big deal. I prefer Hornady defense rounds anyway.
  5. thinkricky

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    I forgot to mention the Kahr was expensive. I paid $600 for mine with night sights. Its not available in our area so it took me 8 months to find but when I found a used one I jumped on it. They were asking $700 I think. It was definitely worth the money though. I work in a professional environment and my Glock 26 is too noticeable with nice slacks and a tucked in shirt. This Kahr can go on my waist or my pocket with ease and very comfortable with my N82 Tactical Holster.
  6. Lucian_253

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    My Kahr P380, or both PM9's I've owned, never had plastic shavings or any type of malfunctions. My P40 is also been good to me.
  7. Smallest, lightest and cheapest( barring the Taurus TCP) would be the Kel-Tec. I've put the break in 200 rounds through mine and not one malfunction. The grip is one of the most aggressive in the .380 pocket pistol arena. For the price of the LCP you can buy the p3at, a backup 9 round mag and either a pocket holster or a +1 for the 6 round mag. Do not buy used, the warranty is no longer transferable to the second owner and so on. Good luck with whatever you choose and post pics when you get it.
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    I've had an older model LCP from when they first came out, a P238, PPK, PPK/S, Bersa .380CC, Bodyguard 380, Taurus TCP, and a new LCP. I still have the new LCP, and my son has the TCP.

    The trigger on the new LCP is much better than the old ones, IMO. It's long but much smoother than my first LCP. The new LCPs have a little better sights too. The Bodyguard 380 shot well, but the laser was worthless, and it was heavier and a little thicker than the LCP. I wish the BG380 came with a no-laser option. There was nothing wrong with my Taurus TCP. I had a stainless model, and it was 100% reliable. My son liked it, so I gave it to him. I still shoot it from time to time when we go to the range. The P238 was excellent and probably my overall favorite. I just prefer not having to deal with the safety, and even though it was single-action, I didn't shoot it a whole lot better than the LCP. I sold it for a good price while it was still in like-new condition. I've also had an Interarms PPK and a newer S&W PPK/s and a Bersa 380CC. Those were fun to shoot but not pocket guns, and with the price of .380 ammo, I didn't need .380 range guns. For IWB carry, I go with a bigger caliber.

    Anyway, for pocket carry, I'm very happy with the new-model LCP.
  9. j102

    j102 Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir! Good review!
    Exactly what I'm looking for.
  10. j102

    j102 Well-Known Member

    Thank you guys!
    Keep them coming!
  11. thinkricky

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    I agree. If you can buy new I would. I didn't have a choice for the gun I wanted. Even used I have not had any issues with my used Kahr P380. As far as the LCP goes this forum is why I bought one. Everyone kept saying it's good for the money. No problems. So without hesitation I went academy and bought it. Mistake. I never shot it so I didn't know how it felt in my hand how accurate it was. I just took everyone's word for it.
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  12. Blackmagic02

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    My Wife has an LCP and I don't really care for it. I have trouble acquiring the almost non-existant sights. Ended up adding a laser to it. I picked up a Sig 238 for myself later and really like it. Mine came with Trijicon night sights. The only possible drawback for me is having to carry it cocked and locked. I'm so used to Glocks and similar I'm afraid I would forget to take off the safety in a SHTF situation.
  13. LT2108

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    Leave the safety off, I do not like messing with external safeties
  14. BZ3

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    mine was the PM9s cheaper brother but they are almost the same gun, does your rails looked chewed up? It does indeed ride on polymer rails correct? I traded mine for a XDM 9mm and I don't miss it at all. Lol
  15. J-Will

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    I'd take a Taurus TCP over any KelTec 380 any day. Just my experiences with them.. Terrible.
  16. cola490

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    I don't know if you can call it the best, but it is very cool.


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  17. Blackmagic02

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    They are nice. I've had one for over 20 years. By today's standards it is big and heavy though for a .380. I think my G27 fully loaded weighs less. Great shooter. I'll probably never get rid of it.
  18. j102

    j102 Well-Known Member

    Yes, that's my point. Great gun, but I am looking for something smaller.
  19. mjheinz

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    Hello, I bought my wife a Ruger LC 380. What a POS. It had to be repaired by Ruger twice in the first 250 rounds. I will say that Ruger does have great customer service. My friend has a older Bersa thunder 380 (which you can't buy in Ca.). It runs flawlessly. I would highly recommend the Bersa.
  20. sglide05

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    I haven't had any problems with my LCP. I like it. My friend bought an LC9 and hasn't had any problems with his.

    The problem would be solved if Glock sold their .380's in the US.