Best 10mm Ammo!!!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by od2469, Mar 26, 2016.

  1. od2469

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    Went to my local LGS and saw a NIBx Glock 20 and the most impressive Glock I've seen, the Glock 40. Made an impulsive purchase and bought both of them. I bought some regular FMJ ammo but I've seen mixed reviews about self defense and hunting ammo.

    What's ammo is good for self defense and what ammo is good for hunting when I go out hunting. I'm not going hunting with a handgun but I have one on my hip just in case. Need some guidance!
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  2. sydsyler

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    You bought them both? You are my hero!
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  3. dutchs

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    Underwood 200 grain XTP for SD. Underwood 260 grain hard cast for hunting. You can drop anything you shoot at....
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  4. gdub

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    Georgia Arms for the range. Double Tap for hunting and personal defense. I also have some Hornaday Duty for personal defense. Glock shoots all without issue.
  5. Nino

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    Underwood, Double Tap, & Cor Bon for hunting. Hornady & Double Tap for carry.
  6. Big1

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    Congrats! Any of those that have been mention, I carry Underwood well when I had my G29 but I sold it but I'm planning on getting another 10mm.
  7. I think Underwood's heaviest offering in 10mm is a 220 grain hard cast.
  8. tangy003

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    Freedom munitions. They are always running free shipping specials. Especially for most holidays
  9. dutchs

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  10. LimaCharlie

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    Underwood and Buffalo Bore have great selections for 10mm. The only major manufacturer's 10mm ammo that I use is the Winchester Silvertip 175 grain, but it is hard to find.
  11. dutchs

    dutchs Well-Known Member

    I use the Silvertip Ballistic tip in my rifles...Really good stuff....
  12. NoXiDe

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    +1 for the freedom munitions. I use that for GSSF matches with no problems
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    My hero too!
  15. DAVEF

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    For defense, look at Georgia Arms 180gr Gold Dot. Their price is excellent at $610 per 1000 and free shipping or for smaller amounts $31 per 50 (but you have to pay shipping). They are loaded to about 1150 to 1200fps out of a 20 and higher of course from the 40. That is an excellent velocity for a Gold Dot.

    Hornady Critical Duty is also a good choice, but considerably more expensive. Cabelas is the exclusive dealer for this load. It is driven at about 1150 out of the 20 which is a much better velocity than the same bullet out of Hornady's .40 S&W load.

    Neither of these are loaded to the absolute maximum velocities, but both are driven to velocities that those bullets perform extremely well. Recoil is very controllable with those loads and they have been extremely reliable in our 20's.

    If you are hunting thinner skinned game, then I would just carry the same defense load. If something heavier, then a hard cast lead load could be better. You may want an aftermarket barrel in that case. Another option for deep penetration is a number of the FMJ or TMJ loads. Speers TMJ bullet can deform, but it seems to hold together very well and their is a fellow on a Marlin website who uses them to hunt with his 444. He swears by them. Underwood uses them for a number of loads. From your 40 they would have really good velocity.
  16. PatrickSwayze

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    Reload them bad boys! My self defense rounds are 135 grain Hornady JHP that I reloaded myself. Out of the box from the factory these rounds shoot at 1600 fps with 10.5" of penetration!!! Now that's a round!!! I haven't done the proper gel ballistic testing on the rounds I am pumping out but they are a little hotter.
  17. wildbill45

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    Don't count it, even my 500 S&W cannot be depended on to stop a big Brownie up close, as most handguns, no matter how big they say they are, are weak for dangerous game ... Big Bears, Rhino, Ele, Cape Buff, or polar bears about to make you into an afternoon snack. If you ever go face to face one of these with that little 10mm it will look awful puny in your hand, trust me! My S&W 325 two-inch revolver loaded with Buffalo Bore 45 Auto Rim +P loads will outdo any 10mm round, and they are not big guns in the real scope of things either. If approached by any of the above listed animals with my .458 Lott Express rifle in my hands I would not be so cocky either, I don't start fights I might not win!!!

    Big handguns in the handgun world are not as good as medium size rifles; 300 mag, .338 or less in the 10mm comparison, and those calibers are not permitted for use in most of Africa on dangerous game!
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  18. Blades

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    Which Buffalo Bore 45 Auto Rim has more muzzle energy than the 10mm's? The highest hardcast 45 shows 566 ft lbs, and the highest hardcast 10mm shows 703 ft lbs. Just wondering.
  19. glockman29

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    I recently discovered a new brand by a company (Team Never Quit), started by Marcus Lettrell, the Lone Survivor. They are lightweight 125gr frangible hollow points. Hope to test them out this week.
  20. Blades

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    How did the 125 gr frangible work? If you were able to test them. :)