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  2. Police: Man threatens cigar shop manager at knifepoint, flees when victim shows gun

    By Pamela Lehman, Of The Morning Call
    Fri May 4 2012 10:16 AM
    The manager of a Bethlehem cigar shop was threatened at knifepoint Thursday night and the suspect fled when the victim pulled out a handgun, according to police.

    No one was injured in the incident that happened shortly before 9 p.m. at Cigars International, 535 Main St. Police said the store manager and victim, Matthew Bzura, pulled out his legally concealed firearm and pointed it at his attacker, who then fled.

    Police said no gunshots were fired.

    According to a police report:

    Bzura told police that a man became upset when he came into the store and wanted to buy a tobacco product and Bzura asked to see his identification.

    Bzura told police the man went outside and knocked over a sign in front of the store. When Bzura confronted him, he said the man put a knife to his throat and he pulled out his handgun.

    Police described the suspect as a black man, age 30, who was wearing a dark-colored jacket with a Captain America T-shirt and knit cap with a Captain America logo.

    Anyone who may be able to identify the man may call the crime tip line at 610-691-6660.

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    Hi, I am Matt Bzura, and I was the one with a knife against my throat 2 night ago. I have never pulled my weapon on anyone, and I know that if/when the day came to draw it that I would be willing to use it.

    It was a split second incident & as soon as the guy's hand rose & I felt metal on my neck I took a step back as I drew my Glock 23 from my in-the-pants front holster & had the barrel aimed at his chest as my foot his the ground behind me.

    Honestly, I'm very happy I didn't have to shoot the guy, but I would have if he made another move. I had my eyes on the other 2 punks looking for an ambush or another weapon & the only thing that happened was the guy with the knife said, "oh ****" and they all ran...really fast.

    My adrenaline didn't kick in til a few minutes later, and I'm glad I kept my cool through the ordeal, but last night after working a 13 hour day I really got hit hard by the whole situation. Quite frankly I'm a mess today & I'm taking today & tomorrow off from work to regain my composure. That 2 second interaction outside of the store keeps playing over & over in my head with different scenarios happening...some very bad. I'm glad I didn't have to shoot the SOB, but I was prepared to protect myself so I could live another day with my wife & daughter & friends & family.

    Thanks for listening. In all the years I've had a conceal carry permit this is the first time I've ever had to draw my weapon, and hopefully the last. It's just good to know that I have the right to carry & protect myself when need be.

    God Bless.
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    Matt fantastic job on knowing what to do and how to handle yourself properly. The use of deadly force could have been easily exercised but you kept your wits and handled yourself wisely . Hug your loved ones today . I m glad it all worked out in your favor and welcome to Glock Forums ! I think I can speak for us all when I say we are proud to have you here !!!
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    Matt glad you are here, welcome! Thank God you are ok, and even though you where forced to draw, you identified that to be right amount of force needed to diffuse the situation... It could have had a wrong turn but did not... enjoy the forum and welcome!
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    Thanks got the welcome. When I first got CC permit I had a Kel-Tec 380 that fit in a pocket holster, and after firing it at the range a lot & drawing it out of both front & back pockets I never got a good feel for a quick enough draw (plus I really wanted more than a 380 to protect myself.). I also had quite a few misfires, and accuracy with the KelTec's fixed sights was not good beyond arm's reach so I went with a fuller sized Glock 23, and have put hundreds & hundreds of rounds through it. It is a little large for everyday carry, but I have full sized hands & I'm much more omfortable with this. I know this gun like an extension of my body, and it was there for me that night when I needed it. I still am amazed at my reaction time & how we I handled this.

    One thing - has anyone ever been through a similar experience where no one ended up hurt, but the day or 2 after because overrun with feelings of "what the F happened?" & keep playing the scenario over & over in your head with all different outcomes, etc.

    What's the best way to deal with this post-stress? Any advice is appreciated. It's my birthday today & I was going to work from 8am-8:00pm, but after I crashed last night I decided to take off today & tomorrow at least. I want to get back to work (I'm not losing any money for missing, btw) but I want to make sure I'll be OK to deal with this feeling I have & don't quite know how to describe

    Thanks everyone!
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    Matt, Glad that you are safe. Your story is why CC is so important... Thank you for carrying. You protect us all and we are grateful.

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    Hi Matt,

    I'm glad you are ok. You did the right thing!

    I guess the best way to deal with this situation is to tell yourself once again that you did the right thing to protect your life, and were brave enough to keep your head straight and didn't discharge your weapon.

    Try to forget about it now, and go back to enjoy your life and your family.

    You should be proud of yourself!
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    Way to keep it cool Matt and come out on top. You mentioned that the sights on your kel-tech weren't very good, do you happen to remember whether you looked down the sights or not during your confrontation? Also don't let your guard down, they may come back with something more than a knife in retaliation, so keep your head on a swivel and stay ready.
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    Safer that they met you than me. I gotta be honest the second you pull a weapon on me you've lost your right to live. I practice my holster draws and the instant that its level with center mass I let two fly. I have no desire to kill a person, but someone that does **** like that is no longer a person, but a threat. And threats get put down.

    Not to criticize the way you handled it, that was pro, you're alive so all in all a win.
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    Amazing story. Good job keeping your cool. That guy will think twice before pulling a knife again.
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    First...Happy Birthday, Matt. I guess you will appreciate this one even more than last year. Kudos for keeping your cool. I've never been in that type of situation before and hope I never will. But, if I am, I hope that I can follow your example. I believe that everything we have experienced in our lives, good and bad, ultimately makes us who we are today. Look toward the future with confidence, knowing that you can handle things if the SHTF. I've heard it said that "Just showing up is 90% of life, sometimes you've got to give it that additional 10%". In this case drawing your weapon was that little 10%. Sleep well at night knowing you did the right thing. Give your loved ones hugs and kisses every chance you get. Be safe and don't forget to duck.;) Oh, and welcome to the forum.(Can be good therapy)
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    I'm just glad it all worked out for you! And happy your able to spend more time with your family.
    God bless you! And welcome to the forum :)
  14. Glad you alive to share your story Matt. The story the media is to cowardly to share. Jim
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    Glad you're okay, but part of me wishes you put 2 in his chest and one in his head. That way, there would be one less worthless scum SOB in the world, but that's just my opinion.
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    I did not look down the sights that night because the muzzle was within 3 feet of his chest. My point about the keltec was that I never felt comfortable drawing it with confidence, combined with the fact I've had many jams & misfires with it at the range. I felt it unsafe as a conceal carry weapon for me...everyone is different. The Glock 23 I own was right there when I needed it, and like I said in an earlier post, I have big hands, so it slipped out of my holster perfectly, and it was in my control 100% of the time without having to fumble to get my fat finger through the trigger guard.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum mattb !!
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    One thing, I think, could help you with the stress is that you are a better person than this guy, and even though you could have eaisly ended his life, you choose to be humaine and let him rethink his choises in life...

    i am pretty sure this guy will think twice before being a hot head again. also like someone else said make sure to keep a watch out for him in the future maybe he is really stupid and will come back... hope you had a great birthday and got to spend it with your family.
  19. Hello Matt, I just read your post about your ordeal and I know I don't know you, but thank God you and your family are safe! As a CCW person myself, I've never had to draw my weapon and hope I never do! This is a prime example of why every law abibing citizen deserves the right and privilege to protect themselves and their families! I'm amazed how well you kept your composure in a life or death situation! A lot of people probably would've shot first and asked questions later! And in your situation, you had the right to do so! All the anti-gun nuts think that all CCW citizens are just gun crazy and are going armed just to shoot someone for looking at them wrong way! Well, you proved them wrong! They need to realize that what "if" you weren't armed? The outcome may have been different! Glad your safe! One of my favorite quotes-"If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have them!"

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    Matt, I underscore the comments regarding your cool under fire. Thank the Lord for your safety. Really. That's one way I personally feel better WRT stressful situations as you've encountered. Helps to focus on our blessings, including the blessing of another day with our loved ones. I'm sure this thought hasn't missed you.

    One thing you might not realize is that in sharing your experience with all of us here, it has helped many of us to prepare ourselves in some way (physical, mental or emotional) for any would-be similar situations. And in that lies extrinsic value. Thank you for sharing.

    Happy Birthday!