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Beginner Shotgun

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Hey everybody I was going to get into hunting this year for water fowl and grouse, what would be a good shotgun and gauge to start out with. I dont need a Benelli right off the bat. Im looking to start at the lower end of the spectrum in price just because I want to find out if Ill like it or not. Thanks for the help in advance!
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I'll second Havasu's comments on the 870. Ohio's deer gun season is shotgun-only.

I picked up this kit a few years back for around $450:

20" rifled slug barrel, 26" shot barrel, chambered for 3" shells.

The 870 is a pretty heavy gun, though. I bought a similar 887 kit for my brother's 18th birthday which is much lighter in the hands, but a little heavier on the wallet - about $550 IIRC:

22" smooth-bore "turkey" barrel (It has rifle sights and comes with a super full choke; he swapped the choke for an improved cylinder to shoot slugs for deer) and 28" shot barrel.

I prefer the 870 myself, but the lighter weight of the 887 is awfully appealing.
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This thread needs MOAR PICS!
Remington 870 Express combo:

Remington 887 Express Camo Combo:
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