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    I have been in Germany for over a week now, and after many discussions with people that work at our location here in Germany, they are very surprised about how firearms ownership is in the states. Firearms ownership here is not a right or privelidge. It is very difficult to own a weapon, much less multiples. One of or co worker out of the London office was also here, he stated that you could not have one in your home, if you were able to get the approval to purchase one, it must be maintained at a local range and checked out for range use or for hunting. This is why we must be thankful for the 2nd ammendment and fight to keep it.

    The biggest thing that shocked the was the fact that we could get a CCW permit and carry in public.

    Thought I would share this with you guys.
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    The 2nd amendment is the cornerstone of all our freedoms,

    because if it is taken away, we are defenseless against our

    enemies, whether they be foreign or include our

    own government. People in countries around the world have learned

    this hard lesson...and we cannot ever let it happen here. A freedom lost will

    never be a freedom again...only a privilege sanctioned and controlled.

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    Amen to that!
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    Wasn't it Yamamoto who said (about Japan)

    "We should never think about invading America. There is a gun behind every blade of grass."

    I could be wrong about who said it, but you get the idea. That was in 1940.