As you are walking you hear that awful sound of steel and polymer flopping on the concrete and skittering around unattended. The sudden change in the weight around your waist tells you immediately what has happened before you even look down to see it: Your Glock lying on the ground.

The Lost Glock

In Tucson, AZ, a police officer was flagged down by a woman at a Safeway on March 3. This understandably agitated female had just had her purse snatched by a spry 18-year old male who was on the run. After broadcasting a description of the suspect officers approached a subject with a like description, said suspect broke out into a run which resulted in officers chasing the suspect through residential yards and climbing over several walls before taking him into custody.

It was then that one of the officers figured out his Glock was missing. Officers retraced the path of the chase, but the weapon was not located. Luckily it finally surfaced two days later.

Now you don\'t have to be a cop on the run after a suspect to lose your Glock.
Sometimes you can lose them in the bathroom as a Connecticut bailiff found out when her Glock was recovered by a couple from a restroom stall inside a secure area of the courthouse.

In civilian life

Tragically this also happens to civilian sometimes as well.

Our forums are heavy with experiences of users who have come forward with their own stories of accidentally having their gun work free and make a jump for it. They do it to help us all understand how it happened to them so it won\'t happen to us
This is tribal wisdom.

Last year two incidents at Walmart\'s including one where the gun owner accidentally shot himself are joined by one this January in which a random customer was shot by someone\'s gun jumping from its concealment. While it can\'t be said that any of these guns were Glocks (and they hopefully werent due to the guns drop safety), it still illustrates the possibility that it can happen.

Fixing the problem

(Just say no to holsterless carry...)

The blame for most of these incidents can usually be traced back to the carry system for your handgun. You have to make sure you carry your pistol in a holster, rather than loose in pocket or IWB carry without a holster (aka \'Mexican carry\'). The best choice is always in a holster that is made for the model gun you are carrying, rather than a generic one-size fits most sleeve type holster.

Experiment with your carry using an unloaded and clear gun. If you can\'t make it across the living room from the couch to the door quickly without your gun spilling out, you may not want to leave the house with what you have until you can. Always go with the highest holster retention level possible that you are still comfortable in using. Be aware that simple (read inexpensive) holster are often the easiest for bad guys to defeat in a situation where someone is trying to get your gun. Fobus style OWB holsters are infamous for this

Level II/III holsters, which have straps or other retention features, are an option and will help keep your gun put, but again, they require increased training requirements to be able to use your gun properly with. Work on that draw stroke from the holster several hundred times (doing it in front of a mirror can help show you what you are doing wrong). Always remember safety and do this with an unloaded and checked weapon, with your finger off the trigger at all times, and pointed in a safe direction.

Bottom line: keep a hold of your Glock. Besides the obvious safety issue at hand, the last thing we need as a community is news coverage of a G17 skittering across a parking lot somewhere.

Just makes us look bad.