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  1. Bish1309

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    Has anyone done this?

    I've been to Michigan and Iowa Speedway.

    Iowa Speedway offered video and I bought a copy. It came out poorly due to the camera vibration so I wasn't charged for the copy.

    I had no previous experience in short track racing other than midgets and this was a handful.

    The first 5 minutes are pretty much start up and warm up of the car. The rest is my lack of skill but I learned fast.

  2. Danzig

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    My parents bought a condo at Texas Motor Speedway. They give you a certificate for a demo ride in a race car around the track. My parents had zero interest so they gave me the certificate.
    They suited me up and strapped me in a passenger seat. 5 point harness that damn near squeezed the life out of me.
    Loud, fast and pulled some g’s!
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  3. Bish1309

    Bish1309 Active Member

    Yes, my wife did that at Michigan.
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  4. Old Bloke

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    I would love the opportunity, to do something like that.
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  5. Firedog

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    Been around racing since I can remember. First trip to Atlanta, Talladega and Daytona were all in the same summer 1973 I was 5, my uncle was VP of daily operations for Nascar. I did more straight line racing than anything. My bro was on a sprint car crew for years and then Indy Car team for like 5 or 6.
    I would like to do a driving class some day guess it would be one of my bucket lists.

    just watched the video that was cooooool,
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  6. Bish1309

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    I have a buddy that has infield space at Atlanta. I used to go down there for the spring and fall race. Our spot was the middle of turn 3 against the fence.

    Did you know they have fire ants there? Nothing funnier than a newb family leaning against the fence and then all jumping out of their skin. Turn to my buddy and say, "Look, they found the Fire Ants nest." We crack up and crack open another.

    The most fun is on Friday nights. Everyone is having the best time ever. Then Saturday night, things aren't quite so noisy. All the partiers have lost their voice and are nurturing hang overs. Pretty funny.
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  7. John in AR

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    Looks really fun but none for me, thanks; I hurt myself enough with normal everyday tools. Giving me a racecar would be like giving me Darth Mal's two-ended light saber. Absolutely no good could come of it.
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