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Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by casey97, Mar 16, 2012.

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    I have a gen4 Glock 22 (full sized) and a gen 3 Glock 27 (subcompact). I want to purchase a 40-9 conversion barrel for one of them. I do not mind shooting the 27 with the longer 22 mags, and the 27 has a Crimson Trace laser grip. I would like to hear opinions on which you would buy the new barrel for and why. I do not mind having the extra magazine length sticking out the bottom of my 27 so that is not really a concern. If I buy it for the 22, then I can only buy 17 mags. If I buy it for the 27, I can buy 17, 19, and 26 magazines. Thank you all in advanced for the input.
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    I think you jst answered your own question lol. IMO i would buy it for the 27.

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    You could buy it for the 22 and still put it in the 27. It would just look really dumb hanging all the way out of the slide like that, but I'm pretty sure it would work haha.
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    I knew a guy who turned his 17 into a race gun and then chopped & threaded the stock 17 barrel for a can and put it on his 19. Worked pretty well he told me.
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