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Discussion in 'Second Amendment & Legal' started by 863cowboy, Apr 21, 2012.

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    Has anyone heard the buzz going around about Bank of America refusing to do business with anyone in the firearms industry?? And is it true?? I definitely will no longer do business with them if it is....and if it is true we need to petition them to change their name to Bank of Anti-America!
  2. My dad worked for them for 37 years! Tgen all if a sudden they were moving his job to California because they said it was cheaper in California. Nothing in California is cheap!!! So I don't do business with them for that reason.


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    BOA is a prime example of why were in an economical crisis. BOA is WallStreet owned. Countless bailouts. They don't pay taxes.
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    It's true. McMillan Group, makers of firearms and accessories were told to close accounts and pay off lines of credit, their accounts were being closed. According to an article in The Daily Caller, operations director Kelly McMillan met with BOA senior VP Ray Fox. Fox told McMillan the company had "Become more of a firearms manufacturer than supplier of accessories in the last five years." McMillan's response, "Are you telling me since we're now manufacturing arms, you no longer want our business?" Fox replied,"That is correct." Don't know about you guys, I'm cancelling my BOA card as soon as I pay off the balance. Irony is, I charged an AR-15 on it.
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    First Post ?

    Welcome to the Glock Forum 863cowboy !!

    And which model Glock do you own...?

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    BofA flat out sucks IME. Just shop around, there are many other superior banks with better customer service, fewer and less fees, and more features. Chase, Wells Fargo even, name your own.

    Now with this anti-firearms stance of theirs, it's like a win-win for us: give our business to better banks. That's how to get back at the machinery -- hit em in their bottom line!
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    Yeah, as soon as I pay the balance off on my BOA card, its cancelled. They can go jump.
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    Yup, tis true. I heard it from the folks at Robar.
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    Shooter I own the glock 26-22-23-and 37...but have owned almost every model over the years..if I had all the guns and knives I've owned through the years and either sold or traded I could open a gun
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    We closed our BOA accounts a few years ago when they changed their account policy to make it easier for illegal aliens to open an account. They no longer required a social security number to have an account.
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    Add to the list of less than gun friendly companies....FedEx, Bridgestone, VW and Walgreen's. The first three have been very vocal in TN against a couple of "safe commute" bills in the legislature. These bills will allow for law abiding gun owners to have their guns during commute to and from work while locking the weapons in the vehicles in the parking lot while at work. They are using their money to sway the politicians away from what the majority of citizens are asking for. The latter has fired a gun toting pharmacist in Benton, Michigan who used his firearm in self defense against two armed robbers. These companies are a few of the ones I would love to see the bean counters scratching their heads wondering why their 1st quarter profits have taken such a huge hit. Might it be because of this large gun owner community taking our business elsewhere??
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    I left Bank of America back in 2006 when they stole $400 from me. Ever since then I've warned people and can't stand their illegal alien policies.
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  15. It will be a nut roll getting all of my direct deposit stuff changed but I think this is the last straw.
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    My bank...whose "bricks" I've been going to for over thirty years,

    was bought by BOA last year. Now that I know some of their messed up

    policies...I down with finding another bank.
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    Wife and I left BofA 3 years ago. We left because they didn't have any branches in Arkansas when we moved here in 2009. I'm glad we left 3 years ago after reading these reports. I would try and inform others but BofA is almost non-existent in this state so it wouldn't do much good.
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    Just open an account at a credit union! Much more oriented towards "the people" vs the investors or wall street.
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    This just adds to my hatred already of b of a. Charging me overdraft fees for stuff that hasn't even cleared yet. Not to mention if I wrote a check that was going to bounce (ahem wife) they would stick us with 6 over draft fees with the last ten transaction but clear the big check!?? ***?!