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    Just a couple of websites to share with everyone.

    The first is Ballistics By the Inch. This one is interesting as they go through some of the most popular calibers and show results for each according to how long the barrel is on your gun. Helps to decide which round you may want to use in that short/long barreled gun you own.

    The second one is Ballistics 101 which shows all manufacturers data regarding each round. This one is nice as they include rifle rounds as well.

    I wasn't sure if any of this was posted before but I didn't find anything through the search feature. If shared before sorry for the repeat. :eek:

    If not then enjoy.:D
  2. Good post! Ballistics is something all gun owners should learn about.

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    Thank you for posting, CCSir!

    Very informative articles.

    Now...look for some articles on terminal ballistics to pair with the above! :D
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    Enjoyed the articles, thanks
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    Thanks for the links, nice to see how the .460 Rowland fares, makes me want one even more.
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    The problem with that article is the same as the Marshall and Sanow 'study', they don't cite their sources so that others can come back and duplicate their statistics.

    As for other views on terminal ballistics check these

    tons of stuff here to dig through also

    anything by Martin Fackler gets my attention, he's about as knowledgable as they come on wound/terminal ballistics.
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    Great reads. Thanks for posting/sharing. I have bookmarked both of these to re-read them again when I get some time. Thanks!:)
  9. I bookmarked all of these as well. I thank both of you. Great stuff to read.