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I know, I know, Vulcan, Hesse, Blackthorne, Plague...avoid them all.

I went ahead and bought a 16" molychrome A3 carbine M4 upper from Blackthorne $289 shipped. It was in stock and arrived 2 days after my online order. Has M4 barrel extention and rifle receiver. I've never had feed issues with that setup, but I know some frown upon it. Does not include BCG or charging handle.

One of the front sight pins was not set, a quick easy fix.

The dust cover latch pin was too long and had to be filed down to get it to close.

The rest of the fit and finish was about like any other M4 upper on the market these days.

50ish rounds at the range, accuracy was good with iron sights. No problems with cycling. Several different rounds in that grab bag of spare/loose ammo.

Final verdict......Not bad for the cost. However, for basically the same cost after tax and shipping you can get one from DSA (although on backorder since January). Or you can pay a about $120 more and get one from JSE with the BCG and charging handle (also backordered). I'd go with the DSA or JSE.
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