Bait Car

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  1. Officially the best show on television.
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    (10 char)

  3. bhale187

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    They are even more fun in real life ;)
  4. Ghost23

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    Depending on which side of the door you're on lol
  5. i'm never bored watching these people. Not to sound racist but it would be nice to see a white dude steal one. or a hot chick.
  6. bhale187

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    Never had a hot chick steal one, but there have been females, there's also been plenty of white guys take the bait too.
  7. bhale187

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    No doubt!!!!!!
  8. not in Atlanta apparently LOL

    They just showed a drug guys but container, had poop on it. NASTY!!
  9. Blows my mind just how stupid people are and how fast they jump on the bait cars. Also blows my mind how many when the car gets shut down they say....." it's a bait car ", geeee no ****.
  10. The best is when a friend is like dont do it dont do it bait car and the drivers like maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan dis aint no bait car.....pu**y
  11. "Dis some dudes car he gave me $10 and asked me to bring it round the way"

    "Where did he ask you to take the car?"

    "Right here"

    "This very spot?"


    "This isn't anywhere. What did he look like?"

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    I love when they are told not to get in and they do .. No really someone just left a $70,000 Escalade running with the door open in the GHETTO LMAO !!!!
  13. bhale187

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    On the rare occasion that would happen, you sure as hell to not want to steal the vehicle of someone who knows (thinks) that no one would be dumb enough to mess with his car. :eek:
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    I always thought this job would be one of the most fun for police. It's gotta be hilarious. They just started placing bait cars in my neighborhood. 3 weeks ago some kid stole a car and drove the damn thing right into my house. Tons of fun, let me tell ya....I even have his mugshot! Haha pulled it off the Internet the next day

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    I like it when they say "Oh man, they got me again"
  16. series11

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    Hey he is a good kid. He was studying to become a lawyer or a doctor. He also gets good grades in school. It's not his fault, it was the rough neighborhood that he had to survive in. We should put him on Social Security to ensure that this event in his life doesn't hold him down.

    Seriously I hope your house is fine and sounds like noone got hurt from this moron's decision.
  17. jtk07

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    He looks like he could be oBOMBa's son! Come on now

    Hope everything in your house is repaired ASAP! and I pray no one Innocent was hurt!
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    That show is awesome! Living close to Atlanta I sometimes forget the criminal minds we
    Have. I mean temptation can be tough to overcome but you have to always force yourself to do the right thing. The bad part is once a criminal you most likely will stay one. And it makes sense I mean a good job won't hire you when they do a background check. So it's important to be straight always. Once you start getting crooked it's just a cycle of getting jailed then back on the street till they get caught again.
  19. Omg i know. One guy has been popped in the bait car like 8 times
  20. JaredoftheRocks

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    Yeah, nobody was hurt, luckily. It happened at 3 AM when we were asleep. He was running from the cops and once he realized he drove into a culdesac, he jumped out and the dodge Durango kept going....right into the garage, slamming through the door and hitting my fiancées car, pushing it into the wall in front of it and into my storage room where I keep all my camping gear AND the water heater. We're actually having to pay deductibles and ****. It's insane...