Bad week

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by bhale187, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. bhale187

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    My son decided to stuff some pennies in a buddy's boat cd player, had to buy him a new one.

    Clothes dryer went out, had to fix it.

    My boat needs a new gimble bearing and bellows, started to bring it to the shop and the drum brake on the trailer locked up, still have to figure a way to bust it loose so I can fix braks and get boat to the shop.

    Water pump went out on my wifes Camry, spent a couple hours last night and again this morning replacing it; theres a reason the shop wanted $400 labor to do it, what a pain in the arse. Best part was most of my good tools were at the campground with the boat trailer; first thing I busted a rachet when I started to loosen the belt tensioner to take off the serpentine. Finally got it done though.

    Tommorw I get to work on the boat trailer in the 110 degree heat, fun

    Just not been my week.
  2. dutchs

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    Holy Crap!! Murphy's Law at it's finest!! Just remember: Soon this will be but a memory as well!! Good Luck!!

  3. havasu

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    Sometimes we all have to take a bite of the proverbial crap sandwich. At least better days are headed your way after these headaches.
  4. mikecu

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    110 degrees! Time to leave that anti-gun state/oven.
  5. bhale187

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    13 years 6 months and counting until I can leave for greener pastures
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  7. iGlock

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    Smh, i dont even have a boat. :p
  8. Sorry for your bad week dude, but with Obamacare, incorrectly, being found constitutional, the whole country has had a bad week.

  9. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    At least Holder is in contempt, its not much, but its a small ray of hope
  10. Danzig

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    Clinton was impeached. Didn't effect him at all. I'm sure nothing will happen to Holder no matter who wins the Presidency.
  11. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    Got the trailer fixed and boat dropped off at shop for repairs.

    Saturday morning we went out on a friends boat. As soon as we pulled away from the ramp we see a couple in their 40s paddling a fishing boat, their first day on their brand new boat and it died on them. We towed them to their ramp, and bid them good luck. A few hours later, my buddy's boat dies and wont restart............really? Couldn't beleive it, his boat is just over 2 years old and it just would not run, not getting fuel apparently.

    Oh well, you have to laugh it off or else you'll go crazy. I'm just not sure what I did to deserve the round of bad luck :eek: There's an old saying that the good Lord only hits you with enough that you can handle, and I have to chalk up the bad luck I've had as being trivial little things that really don't even amount to speed bumps in the grand scheme. I can't begin to complain, honestly, I've lived such a blessed life that this little crap is nothing but a funny story to say 'man that week sucked'.