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  1. brutusvk

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    It is truly a bad day when you get spit on by some A-hole that has very little to lose. Made it almost ten years without getting spit on. And I cannot comment on what happened to him. (only partially kidding)
  2. G17_Ian

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    Thats the most disrespectful thing anybody could do to another person... Takes some serious restraint to hold back a fist after that type of thing! Better you did though, you'd probably wind up on more trouble than that clown, you know what I'm saying?

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    Should this thread be moved to LE/Military?
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    I hear ya. It's happen to me when I was in uniform trying to get back on post and there were protesters at the gate.
  5. ParteePants

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    I work in a prison and I haven't been spit on but I did have a guy throw a cup of water directly in my eyes while I was walking down range in Segregation one time. The crazy thing is I didn't even know that inmate and it was the first time I had been down range that night. It's not like I provoked it or anything. It may have been just water but when they throw something in your eyes like that, all you can think is the worst!
  6. jimmyalbrecht

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    That would piss me off, that is one of the most disrespectful things a human being can do to another human being.
  7. series11

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    I don't envy your job but I do respect you for it. In my Corrections class in school I had a section on this type of stuff.
  8. ParteePants

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    It's much different than what you see on tv. It's not all fighting and getting disrespected by inmates. Generally they teach us that 90% of the inmates just want to avoid you and do their time, it's the other 10% you have to worry about. There's a lot of truth in that.
  9. Should have shot him... was he wearing a hoodie?

    Relax people... voo joke.
  10. Matthew780

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    Actually, I think another human being sleeping with your wife would top that by a bit... ;)

    Heck. At least being spit on is a straight-forward act totally revealed... That, and it's meaningless. It's only part of someone's little game or/and ignorance. If you don't play that game with them? It becomes a meaningless event.

    There's very little "real" respect left in this world today... from anyone. Should just go ahead and realize that what respect you think you see? Just feigned smoke screens. Most people, best friends included (lol), will dis you as soon as your back's turned and most times (everyone's way out of this, lol), visa-versa.
    :eek: ... :)

  11. series11

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    Yeah I know and there are states that impose a 2 year add on to their sentece for doing something like that. It isn't all fighting but I bet it gets to a person after a while watching the low lifes of humanity everyday, meaning it takes a good person to do this job. That 10% is a problem though but we talked in our class that it isn't like the movies or TV shows claim or glorify it to be.
  12. ParteePants

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    When I first started I wore sunglasses whenever I was on the yard with the inmates so they couldn't see my my eyes. I was straight scared lol. It didn't take long to get over that though.
  13. DevilDawg235

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    When I worked in the SD in NJ, that was considered an "Assault" punishable with up 12 months added to your sentence.

    I got it worse when I came out of the academy. A guy crapped in a sock and threw it at me. (Since I no longer work there I can admit to this) I opened the cell door and knocked him on the ground and stuffed his face in the toilet. Ripped all his mail and pictured and stepped on his walkman, breaking it in a 1000 pieces.

    I'm sure a lot more stuff goes on inside that staff never talks about. I know first hand, I worked 4 years of my life in there.
  14. jimmyalbrecht

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    You are my hero. Sometimes it seems like criminals have more rights than we do, so I would say that this guy definitely got what he deserved. I call this justice lol. Seriously though, the justice system in our country needs a serious overhaul. It's not any of the officers faults because they are doing their job, upholding the law. But some laws are just dumb, and putting people in prison fir possession of marijuana is dumb as well. There are a lot of people in prison for a long time who shouldn't be there. Sometimes I feel like the people who need to be punished aren't and the ones who don't need to be who would learn their lesson and change are in there for a while. Am I the only one?
  15. brutusvk

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    Inmates are coddled today. Plain and simple. And they whine like babies. I literally saw a tough guy, highest classification inmate CRY because an officer gave him a piece of paper that said he was naughty. (a write up) You get threatened daily yet if they see you on the street they nearly wet themselves.

    My bad day has kinda become a bad week. To add to the fun, this morning my wife got into a car accident. (she is fine) Now the joys of getting that taken care of.

    I really we have become a society of "support the lowest common denominator". We cater to the turds of the world. We punish achievement. I am just not having a good go this week, so maybe I am just in a rotten mood. Perhaps, I should avoid all human contact for a bit. lol

    Oh and yes the POS does get charged with a felony 4 for assault. But all that will do is aid in his sentencing. There is only so much time a person can have.
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  16. Kmurray96

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    In NJ it's no longer 12 month Seg and 12 month loss of comp time. It's now an assault street charge unless SID (aka I/A) starts cutting deals with him.

    The guy probably had steel bar muscles and spit at you through his cell bars.

    A lot of the "tough" guys are like that. Like little mice until the key turns in the lock, then they start selling "woof" tickets. I used to double swing the key making it sound like I locked the door. Then I'd give the key to the other cop and he'd walk down a few doors and wait. Meantime, the mutt would start selling tickets and I'd just stare at him. Sometimes I'd blow a kiss at him just to get him more worked up. After about 30 seconds, I'd reach out, grab the door and swing it open.

    God, how I wished I could've had a video camera at those moments. One guy screamed. Another guy jumped up on his bunk and hopped to the back wall. One even fainted. All of them shut-up, though.

    Hey, it's like what I used to tell the rooks, before they stopped letting me talk to them. Expect to get assaulted at least once in your career.

    In NJ you are allowed to +1 the level of force. In cuffs or behind the cell bars a lot of stuff is a freebie for the inmate. If you're rookie enough to get spit on while the guys in cuffs, foo on you. Very tafiki-taboo to start smacking an inmate in cuffs. That's the sign of a punk and you'll even lose respect from your other officers doing that.

    He spits on you on the flats, shove him into a wall or tackle him. Riot bell goes off, five guys show up and if he's still resisting you, everybody gets pepper sprayed and he ends up going to the infirmary, then he gets to do the bunny hop to the hole.

    If he grabs you, you can do anything short of kicking or punching. Again, riot bell, five guys ...etc.

    If he slaps or punches you, forget medieval, you can go neanderthal on his a**. Again, riot bell, five guys...etc.

    If he attempts to do you with a shank, you can grab a fire extinguisher and skull the mutt. Then you just radio for a supervisor.

    Oh, and why they won't let me talk to the rooks anymore?:rolleyes:

    Well, they bring the rooks in early on their first day. Just so they can look around and eyeball the joint. The old place is a Auburn style prison with all the wings radiating off a central hub. So, they give them about a 1/2 hr on the safe side of the bars, all alone, so they see, hear and, most importantly, smell the stink of an old jail.

    I'm doing the laundry truck this day and as I'm passing through, I asked the Lt. if I could give the rooks a little "pep" talk. He said sure. So I went to Center to get the keys I needed (because I wanted them to hear the keys banging through the slot;)) and on the way back, I pulled them over. I gave them my standard yak and as I was walking away, maybe ten feet, I hear a bang. I turned around and one of the rooks was passed out, laying on the floor, out like a light. It took seven staples to close the gash on the back of his head.

    I saw him after they brought him back from the hospital. It turned out, he was diabetic and didn't eat breakfast that morning. He was already on edge and my little "pep" talk pushed him over the edge.

    He made me laugh though, when he said to me, "You know, Mr. Murray, you were right when you said, 'Your Momma and Poppa don't work here, your kids don't work here, you ain't got nobody here you can trust, get it?' Those guys I was with just watched me go over and never made a move to help me." I looked at him and said, "See what I told ya".

    That's how you become a "Rahway legend". Me, for knocking out another cop without even touching him, and him, for being the cop that got knocked out. As we say in East Jersey..."As the dome spins".:p

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