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  1. brutusvk

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    I spoke to the gun shop where I ordered my G32 back in April. They said Glock advised them they are currently 500,000 units behind on production. I just thought I would share the info. I guess people are worried about the elections, etc.
  2. KeenansGarage

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    It seems with EVERY guns shop now a days can't get in anything they order! Most special order guns are taking forever to show up. Pretty much if you want it now, you have to find it in stock somewhere...which is another joke. Or go to Cabella's/Bass Pro Shops and get reamed by the prices.
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  3. shaker223

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    My G34 which I bought under the GSSF program has been on order since 5/8/2012.
  4. dutchs

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    You guys need to come down to Ocala!! I can take you to 3 LGS's that have 30 Glocks each in stock!!
  5. bhale187

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    For the last few years Glock has been running 200K+ behind at any given time, but they pump them out fast.
  6. Two-Guns

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    Is this for a Gen 3 or Gen 4 G32?
  7. I ordered a gen3 g22c may5th got it in a week.I guess certain models are backordered.
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  8. shaker223

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    Thay had others on the shelf but no 34.:(
  9. klf

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    This President is the best gun salesman in history.
  10. elroyyboy

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    LE are in good supply at GT Dist!
  11. brutusvk

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    Gen 3 LE model
  12. jakedrennan45

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    Why aren't these gun companies expanding and hiring new employees to keep up with things. They're one of the few blossoming businesses and they're so far behind its pitiful. They need to open new factories and put ppl to work. I've been looking to buy a 1911 and basically ALL the good ones are gone and on average won't be around for 6-8 months. Sounds more like 6-8 years the way things look. Guns are selling fast but realistically only about 10% of Americans even own them so it doesn't seem like it would be that hard unless these companies were dinky to begin with...gunsmithing school has got a massive waiting list so I imagine there are ppl out there willing to build more guns. Must not be so simple though. Maybe "preppers" shouldn't hog everything lol