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    In what way do u agree/disagree with background checks for firearms purchase?
  2. If it can be done in <15 minutes and the buyer information isn't databased. These would be my two biggest concerns.

  3. G22GEN4

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    By databased, u mean kept in FBI records right?
  4. bhale187

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    I'm often described as an extremist when it comes to constitutional rights. That said, I disagree with the entire basis of the background check for firearm purchases. I don't believe anyone who is a free adult citizen of the USA should be denied a firearm. If a person cannot be trusted to walk the streets with a firearm they can not be trusted to walk the streets at all.

    There's no sense in common sense gun laws, every gun law on the books does nothing but restrict good honest citizens from obtaining and carrying firearms; those who would use a firearm for ill deeds will do so regardless of any gun law ever passed.

    Mental Illness, convicted felon, whatever the case, if you are not currently confined in jail, prison, or mental health facility you should not have your rights removed, restricted, or suspended. That's my opinion, I know many disagree, flame away you'll not change my mind or your own ;)
  5. FBI, ATF local PD etc. IMO nobody needs to be cataloging legal gun owners buying history.
  6. The best part of debating is being open minded enough to persuade and be persuaded by a logical argument!

    IMO we need to be "extreme" so that any inch of ground we give up has to be fought for. If we can keep the debate at the fringes I feel that our basic 2nd amendment rights are safer.
  7. bhale187

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    Agreed, but I've found a few things no amount of debate (especially on the internet) will change.

    religious belief
    political party affiliation
    general stance on gun control
  8. I guess I just hope the people with whom I disagree are open minded. If we are like minded, I would just as soon you be firm in your position.....
  9. KingSanchez

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    I'm for background checks to make sure you are who you are.

    I had one done on me (for a job) and it said I was CONVICTED of homicide. I laughed until LE showed up.

    Obviously background checks need to be done correctly through proper channels and not some 3rd party internet source.

    And clearly as I'm a free man, all was cleared up.
  10. G22GEN4

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    I believe a felon who has time served in full should be able to some wean their rights back as part of the sentence. However, I rather have background checks in case the guy next to me at the gun counter is a terrorists or known repeat offender. Imagine what it would be like if anyone in America could buy a gun. Who could blame criminal then? Yes a criminal can do harm with any weapon, but why use any weapon when they can buy a gun as easily as we that obey the law? Just my opinion & thoughts
  11. jimmyalbrecht

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    I disagree, some of my views on a couple of things have changed after hearing some members logical arguments.
  12. I respect your opinion and I won't argue with you. Like you said it won't change your mind. I on the other hand don't want to give the "bad guy" the ease of walking in and out of a gun store with a gun, even tho if they want one they can get one. I see it here on a daily basis. All I see around here is them flashing their weapons yelling they gona bust a cap in someone. Dang I can remember when I was in school I had guns in my truck, it wasn't a big thing. We hunted with them. I carried two big lock blades on me while in class. We used them when we worked after school. We used no weapons to fight with. If you couldn't fight, you got your butt whipped and went on. Now a days the only way most people can settle a dispute is with a gun. That's the problem with things now. We all carry because none of us knows what's around the corner am I right? So if "Joe Blow" that's a mental, rapist, child molesting, murder that's next to you buying a gun and you both walk out together and he shoots you an you ok with that? Like I said earlier I respect you opinion and this is mine. My family is on the line.
  13. bhale187

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    The mental, rapist, child molesting murderer shouldn't be on the streets in the first place. A firearm is a symptom of that problem, not the problem. Fix the problem, don't treat the symptoms.
  14. I agree, but you stated that if not confined that should be able to own one. For example: they just got out of jail, then go buy a gun and actually get one. Then use it as revenge on a person(s)
  15. SHOOTER13

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    I believe backgound checks do help keep firearms from the criminal,

    mental defective and otherwise incompetent members of our society.

    While not perfect...(nothing man-made is) is a necessary evil.

    And while I do not like's hard to name a career or important post

    that does not require one. I can wait the 10-15 minutes to be cleared via

    the NICS when I purchase a firearm... want intrusive...go through a TS clearance for the DoD, every 5 years.
  16. dutchs

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    I concur shooter. At lot of people are releasedby the libs mamby pamby bs that a simple bcrd check will stop. Not perfect, but effective.
  17. Happysniper1

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    Agree completely, every single word!

    Oh, and I really REALLY hated that SF86 form! Talk about intrusive!
  18. KeenansGarage

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    They have never bothered me. I have never failed one either. We could start debating the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the judicial system as to 'criminals' loosing their 'rights,' but I don't think that would be wise. One way to keep order in people voluntarily, is the threat to remove something from them that they want. We normal, everyday, law-abiding citizens should not be upset over a background check, just like we shouldn't be upset about a law against stealing. It is not out to get the people that have never done anything wrong. It is out to prevent someone that would go out and do something wrong. It is also a way for people to live with their choices/actions of committing a felony, and perhaps the threat of not being able to own firearms will prevent some from commiting serious crimes against someone else.

    10-15 minutes big deal. Having said that...I am glad I don't have to wait days...that would suck!
  19. bhale187

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    ......and if someone is a mental, rapist, chold molesting murderer the problem is they never should have been let back out, IMO
  20. bhale187

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    And yet they (TSA) hires felons to do the feel up searchs :mad: