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    Back to work after 10 days off. During vacation I drove my car 1.2 miles, down to the car parts place and back. Drove the truck to the club,once, and a little off roading near home, once. Oh yeah, also cleared the carbon out of the wifes teeny turbomobile getting an app to the club for a friend. 7 of 10 days, no motorized propulsion. I did, however, play a video racing game, making level 34, and now have a 'vette, porsche, m3,m1, srt8, shelby500 and a few other fines cars in my virtual garage, as well as a mgr., mechanic, and agent. Today driving to work, I caught myself doing 90 down the off ramp, but watching, then passing the 3 idiots who didn't understand STATEGERY was soooo worth it!. Stuffed 'em, right into each other. :cool:
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    Not a good idea to go out after playing Grand Theft Auto.
    Police alert levels don’t disappear quick enough in real life.:oops: