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    My wife goes to ASU, I wouldn't mind her being able to pack a Glock

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    My travels have ot yet led me to AZ but I'm all for ADDING places honest americans can defend themselves.
    If you were a rapist, what would make you "lower your flag pole" faster, a rape whistle or a gun in your face?!
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    Agree 100%
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    Now if they could pass one of these in Georgia...
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    Yes... I wish they passed one like that in Georgia. There are always students getting mugged at Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State. I go to grad school at Georgia State and my classes are mostly at night that end past 10PM. The area around campus is very scary. Despite having a CCW permit, I am resorted to leaving my pistol in my car -- where it is safe and comfy. While I (female, 5 feet, 100 pounds) navigate the dangerous streets downtown. I stand no chance to a 6-footer, 200-pound guy who is heavily drugged up and armed.
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    Well, many are afraid if you can carry on campus, more Columbines, Virginia Techs, etc will happen. The part they don't think about is how quickly those happenings would be over if people were armed in those schools!
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    HA! here in Mass a lot of our campus police aren't allowed to carry! Imagine that, sworn police officers not allowed to carry a DUTY weapon.

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    It's not passed into law. It has not been signed by the governor yet, it has simply been approved by the senate panel. Do not bring a gun to college you will go to jail. At least that's the way it is now. When the governor signs it, I will definable post about it cause I will finally be able to defend myself at school.
  10. DING DING DING DING!!!! A shocking concept that completley freaking eludes so many politicians!!

    Reminds me of a story I heard about that shooting in Texas many years ago. Suposidly this woman was at the restaurant with both of here parents having lunch and had to leave her handgun in her vehicle due to lack of permit or "gun free zone" posting. In a situation where she normaly would have been armed, instead she was defencless and both her parents were among the victims that day. Not sure how much truth there is to the story but the concept is VERY real. People that comit gun crimes don't obey gun laws.

    I live about an hour north of Mass and I hate that state. Here is some more interesting facts about the Comunist state of MA. Pepper spray requires a CCW. Multi-cell metal bodied flashlights (example, maglite) are illegal cuz they could be used as a weapon. It pains me that my 10 yo son lives in that state with the ex-wife. I feel your pain man.

    As a parent, stuff like this makes my heart ache for parents of girls in your shoes (and fear for the girls as well). Stay safe and remember it takes less than 10lbs of force to remove the human ear! Pain like that will deff "kill the mood" of a would be attacker so bad he wont get it up for a month!
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    Congrats Arizona.
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    If Jan Brewer signs it into law, it will be a significant move forward to allowing our kids to defend themselves on campus.

    In 2008 a female Reno resident (who attends college in the Communist Republic of Cali) was visiting with her high school classmates and stayed at their on-campus residence at University of Nevada (UNR). She was kidnapped on 20 January from the residence, sexually abused, and murdered. On 15 February her fresh body was found in a field in south Reno, in an area of commercial establishments. It was believed she was the victim of a serial rapist who preyed upon females on the UNR campus, and that there were 3 other documented sexual assaults that pointed to a common assailant. One of these assaults was the strangulation and rape of a female UNR student inside one of the student parking structures.

    My eldest daughter knew that other victim. And their vehicles were parked within 5 slots of each other. And they both got out of class at the same time that day. It could have been my daughter that was attacked.

    Michael Biela, who had fled to Washington state but returned, was arrested in November 2008. DNA matched him to the kidnap, sexual assault and murder of Brianna Denison, and the sexual assault on two other UNR students. He was found guilty and sentenced to death in 2010, with four additional no-parole life sentences added for the attacks on the other victims. He remains incarcerated awaiting the outcome of the automatic appeal in the death sentence.

    My daughter has since graduated from University, so I can say this now: I taught her how to shoot, and encouraged her to practice. She was not old enough at the time to get a CCW permit, which would have been worthless on campus property anyway. She drove a car registered in my name, and often had a handgun in the car with her, at my urging. Should she ever need to use it, the lesser charge of prohibited possession would be dismissed (under Nevada law) in view of the applied use of deadly force to prevent a felony from being committed (under Nevada law).

    Now, my youngest daughter goes to that same school. When she was in high school she was two-time Nevada State Champion in the 2008 and 2009 Junior Olympic 3-Position Rifle Shooting Competition, taking Nevada to the Junior Olympic Nationals those two years, as well as the Navy JROTC National Shooting Competitions at Camp Perry near Port Clinton, OH, home of the Civilian Marksmanship Program. She ranked 5th nationally in the All-Services JROTC National Shooting Competition in 2009.

    And she drives a car registered in my name.

    A year ago a D-Sen from Las Vegas authored a bill called the Campus Protective Act that would allow CCW holders be be armed concealed on campus. It was shot down. We are urging our senators to modify it and resubmit a similar bill, but they are all concentrating on November of this year. Sigh.
  13. ^^ this guy.
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    that is all.
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  15. :(

    They just struck this down here in Virginia. They also struck down a separate bill that would have allowed professors to conceal carry on campus as an exception. :mad: On the plus side, they repealed our 1 handgun a month law, and passed a law allowing CC, and open carry in airport terminals. Of course federal airplane passenger laws still supercede any other law.

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    Under NV law, a person employed at a school or library or post office, courthouse, etc., who is already a CCW holder, may carry concealed on the premises and inside the building if the CCW permittee first secures written authorization from the person in authority of the building or facility, so a librarian can carry inside a public library if he/she can get written authorization from the administrator of that watch them librarians, they carry SILENCERS!