Awesome trigger!

Discussion in 'Glock Forum' started by glocker73, May 24, 2012.

  1. I just installed a new striker and plunger spring from Ghost and what a HUGE difference! I installed the Ghost Ultimate 3.5 connector and 6lb trigger spring a couple weeks ago and that made a vast improvement, but with the striker and plunger springs, it's awesome! I've just been dry firing it ants I'm very pleased! Now, I've gotta get to the range to test it out! I'll let everybody know how it does!
  2. Sounds good man no light strikes with mine with about 300 rds so far much more to come.

  3. Awesome! I was hesitate to change the striker and plunger springs, due to possible light primer strikes, but ya don't know til ya try! If I do have any issues, I'll just change back to the factory ones. I'll give a range report as soon as I can! Hope it goes well!
  4. Hey, I noticed you have a G31. How do u like the .357 Sig? I know it's basically a .40 cal casing necked down to 9mm. A 9mm on steroids! Lol! It's an interesting caliber, but WAY too expensive to shoot for my taste! Really nice gun though! My son loves the OD green! Lol!
  5. Man I love it verry fun to shoot at the range and the Gen3 fits my hand perfectly,yea the OD green makes the glock look even sexier! Lot of people notice when your shooting 22rd mags of .357 Sig lol. Got 2000 rds of ammo at for not to bad of prices Remington Golden Saber bonded and Speer lawman so I'm throwing some lead this weekend!!!
  6. Awesome dude! Give us a range report! I hoping I can get to the range this weekend also. Probably gonna be busy being a holiday weekend! Let ya know how the new trigger works out!