Austrian Military Pistol Belts

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  1. nyycanseco33

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    Have some extra surplus Austrian Military Pistol Belts that are believed to have been issued by Glock for the Austrian Military. We all know Austria was the first of Glocks contracts with their Gen1 G17 9mm and these belts were most likely used with them. Even if they werent issued by Glock they do have Glock logo/markings stamped on the belt keeper clips and still a good collectors item for Glock fans since they are from Austria...

    With that said, I'm interested in showing my appreciation to my friends here by giving a few of them away in a drawing... Please post here and feel free to include anything fun like why you would want one of these belts... Final day to qualify is Friday March 16 at midnight EST... Just post anything on here to qualify :) (keep it clean lol)
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  2. KeenansGarage

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    I have to see some pictures of these belts! Just have to! :D

  3. Of course I would like to have one. A glock being kept in an original Austrian army belt is and awesome convo starter for any glock enthusiast
  4. ChromeDome

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    Thanks for the offer nyycanseco33... I'm a noob to the world of Glock, so in addition to my G19, my swag consists of a Glock range bag and a couple of T-shirts. An authentic Austrian belt would definately be a step in the right direction.
  5. aleffler5859

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    I would like to have one as well. I got the Gen 4 G19 and I will be taking a CCW course soon. Having a sturdy duty belt to hang my holster on would be awesome. Especially since it'd be a Glock hanging on a Glock belt. :)
  6. bfish

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    Sounds awesome! Post some pictures
  7. Count me in for a drawing. I would be interested in seeing some pics as well.

    EDIT -
    Reason why? - Because it is Glock of course.....
  8. Oddball Gunner

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    Chance to win something? .. count me in. :D
  9. Glockmaster

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    I would like to be entered as well. Thank you!
  10. 3L3C7R0

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    Count me in. I've love anything Glock
  11. fls348

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    I'd like one more to show off and brag about.......however I have been needing a new gun belt for the police shooting comps I compete in. I use my G17 so what could be better than a Glock Austrian military belt to go with!!!
  12. nyycanseco33

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    These are a couple pics, sorry about the quality since they were taken with my cell phone... As you can see it has the Austrian logo on the front clasp and the belt keeper clip on each side... Also included a side view of the keepers with the Glock logos

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  13. TheKraken

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    Count me in. I'm a Glockaholic
  14. Caseyglock19

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    I would sleep with it on. Count me in
  15. bfish

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    They look awesome
  16. cbrannG23

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    They are sweet! I would love one! Anything glock rocks!
  17. G20G21

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    My Glock my Glock my Glock! It's a chop off of the old block!


    How could you not give me a belt to help me look so svelte! My Glock my Glock my Glock!
  18. mwdenko

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    Hopefully those Austrians were fat.... :D

    Count me in. If it doesn't fit me my two boys can fight over it. ;)