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Attn. AZ members

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Im gunna go to Ben Avery's on Friday morning. Gunna put a couple hundred rounds through my Glock 22. Welcome to come by if you want.
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We go on weds mornings out to ben avery. (a couple times a month)
Happy shooting...
Just got back from the range, went to shooters world instead cause Ben Avery was closed due to wind. I think being cross eyed dominate is not helping me sight in with my glock. gunna need some more practice… gunna go clean the cannon now.
Im left eye dominant but im right hand so i been practing with my right eye a lil more.
Same here, except I have been trained to keep both eyes open... Not helping me very much on pistol. Works fine on rifle though.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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