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They sell pistols at the range I go to, and yesterday they were VERY generous in taking my LC9-LM as a partial trade toward a new SR9. I don't think I could have received much more selling the gun on my own. They asked me what I wanted in trade and that's what they gave me!

Also, I thank this range for reasonable fees... $6/hour (outdoor range - multimillion dollar investment) whereas there are (indoor) ranges in the city charging $20/hour. I know there's a difference, but still... wonder how they can recoup $5 million by charging $6/hour???

I've never gone anywhere but Atterbury, and when it's cold this winter, I'll gear-up and still go there. I'm loyal & it's appropriate to train in foul conditions/cold as well. You can't choose when the bad guys decide to materialize. I hated training in the cold in the Army, at least here I get to go home when finished!

Thanks, Atterbury Shooting Complex!
Maybe by selling lots of guns to people who come in just to use the range. I know I've picked up a couple at my range/shop that I really wasn't planning on buying. If I hadn't been there to go shooting, I wouldn't have been there to buy them.

Add to that selling lots of ammo and targets for a decent markup and I guess it works over time.
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