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    Went to Shooter's World to put some rounds downrange. My Glock 20 is quickly becoming one of my favorites. With the Buffalo Bore hot rounds it is WAY different than average rounds. Still very manageable but louder and with a noticable flash. It is quite the tack driver.

    My Glock 31 did ok. I am not 100% sold on the XS big dots. If I change my mind I will just put them on my 33. I will shoot it for a few months before I make up my mind. I may even go back to plain old Glock sights but the adjustable type. We finally broke down and got a membership at the range again so I will go back to shooting weekly.

    I shot a few rounds through the 1911 too. That is always fun to shoot. Too bad it is too heavy to carry all the time and too pretty to scratch. lol

    My wife was really ticked about her Kel Tec not working right. It is her nightstand gun and she wants it reliable. He Glock 23 ALWAYS fires. She was also upset cuz the gun had issues but she was shooting excellent. Girl Power. :)
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    I want to shoot a 10mm! lol But I'd have to get into reloading if I had a 10mm to cut down on the cost of shooting. And I believe the XS Big Dots are more of a self-defense application sights. They are awesome for quick sight picture acquisition, but not exactly the best pinpoint accuracy sights.

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    I was looking at some target rounds we bought. The 40S&W are normal power loads and are rated at 985 fps. The 10mm is SO patheically wimpy and rated at 1030 fps and cost twice as much. Guess I just have to load my own from now on.

    No wonder the 357 sig has so much more recoil! lol The real 10mm rounds were no joke though.

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