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    So, besides dry fire practice at home, I decided to invest in a BB gun "Glock Look-a-like". While Glock doesn't have an officially licensed bb gun version, Umarex has the SA177. Its very close, while it doesn't fit by SERPA, due to the safety on the side, it does offer me the ability to actually shoot in my backyard and to get the fundamentals down. I'll post a picture of it from my phone in a minute. It is a gas blowback BB gun at 380fps. Besides training it's a pretty fun backyard plinker as well.

    On a side note… could we have a "Training" sub forum?

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    Glock 22 on the top...

    Umarex SA177 on the bottom...

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    Yea, BB and Airsoft guns are a good training technique for fundamentals...

    I myself hunt squirrels and chipmunks in my backyard almost everyday with

    my Gamo .177 pellet rifle with suppressor and scope...keeps the tree rat population

    down and hones the eye/hand coordination on rapid moving targets ( especially the chipmunks...skiddish ! )

    ( 1000 FPS...and that's with lead !! )


    I could ask for a "training subforum" but it usually gets lumped somewhere else...(like now, when I move this thread

    from the Glock Foum to the General Firearm subforum ;) )
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    May I ask...

    Where did you buy it...?

    How much...?

    How many BB's does it hold...mag?

    Self cocking...?

    CO2 ?

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    I actually deliberated for a little bit about what forum to put this in... Hence why I asked for the other sub forum... Lol

    My buddy just killed a pigeon, "on accident"!

    "I didn't mean to hit it!"

    "then why the hell did you aim at it!"


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    I got it off amazon for about 50 bucks or so. It is CO2 blowback, holds 19rnds a magazine, only comes with one mag but you can buy more. .177 caliber. Self cocking, slide locks back after the last round.
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    SHOOTER13 RETIRED MODERATOR Sponsor Lifetime Supporting Member got pigeons in Phoenix...

    I thought that was a Philly thang...

    As a kid, we killed those stupid birds by the hundreds...everything from rocks

    to slingshots to zipguns...dumb as a rock they are !! They used to have Pigeon shoots in PA

    till the tree huggers killed that...
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    Sounds very $50 bucks the going rate, or is it an Amazon price ?

    .177 is an excellent caliber, with all types of exotic ammo available...lead or unleaded.

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    Yeah, technically "taking game/wildlife without a special permit within city limits is illegal..." oh well. I think it was a pigeon... It may have been a grey dove, or a mourning dove...

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    I think you can pick it up at cabelas for 60 bucks...
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    Cool...thanks for the info !

    Buddy of mine was thinking about getting a Umarex Colt 1911 clone from

    Sportman's, I should tell him it's a good buy...the Umarex brand ?

    ( think it held 10 in the mag self loading )

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    Well... The first one of these I bought broke the first day I took it out, Umarex sent a brand new one as a replacement. Great customer service! The green gasket fell out of the back of the slide, still shot it just didn't blow back anymore. New one works just fine! My brother spent like 120 bucks on a KWA glock look alike airsoft gun, green gas, 6mm. Blowback. It is better quality but more expensive to shoot.