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    Was goin to buy a assualt rifle n I'm tired between a AR15 n a Ak47. Anybody with any info or experience with those in helping me choose one. I haven't shot any of them yet. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. Why would you not go AK 47? IMO it tops an AR 15!

  3. But its also fully auto..can you legally buy one? I think you have to have a special permit right?
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    Depends on the state and yes you have to get it thru the ATF I believe if you get full auto. I have a semi auto AR, I love it. Built it myself.
  5. Thats what I thought..because here in NC I believe youd have to get your level 3 CCL to possess a fully auto gun. I only have level one, but in saying so I have a Del-ton AR15. I love it and its fun to shoot, but its no AK 47 haha.
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    It's just a class 3 license, not a CCL. CCL is concealed carry license. Here's an easy explanation:

    Obtaining a class 3 permit is expensive and time consuming. Those factors alone keep most people from persuing them.

    Try googling class 3 weapons permits and see what comes up. Or check and see if your even allowed to own them in the state you currently reside in.

    A few things I can add are...
    1. You may only own a machine gun that was manufactured and registered with the BATF before May 19, 1986. Weapons manufactured after that date are restricted for Military and Law Enforcement use only.

    2.An individual purchasing a “ National Firearms Act Weapon “, NFA weapon or class 3 weapon is required to pay a one time, $200 Federal Excise Tax fee.

    3.To obtain an NFA weapon, you must first select one. The reason is, forms are required to transfer the weapon from seller to buyer, requiring specific information. There are several types of forms to accommodate these transfers. A form “3”, accommodates dealer to dealer transfers (Class 3, in or out of state). A form “4”, accommodates dealer to individual transfers, within the state. Unlicensed individuals may not transfer class 3 weapons directly into their state. An active Class 3 license is required to execute the transfer. If you hold an active standard FFL, you may transfer the weapon in directly, however the law enforcement signature, photographs, and fingerprint cards are still required, as well as the $200 FET.

    4.The form “4” is quite simple. It will be filled out in duplicate by your Class 3 dealer, showing the current owner of the weapon and address, your name and address, description of the weapon and serial number, etc.. You will be given the forms, along with a set of fingerprint cards. On the back of the form is a place for your photograph and your local law enforcement official’s signature.

    5.The required signature may come from a multitude of sources. The Chief of Police, the Sheriff, District Attorney, a Federal judge, State Chief of Police, etc.. Typically the person signing this form “4”, will conduct a background check on you, insuring that you are a person in good standing, within your community. In fact, even if you are a fine upstanding member of the community, you will find this part of the NFA weapon acquisition, the most difficult. Why? Most of the local law enforcement officials today, are no longer police officers, but unfortunately, appointed politicians. You will find that they typically do not sign such documents, with their eyes closed and will generally give a “no” response via a “clerk”, when you call up like “Lever Action Bubba” screaming that he has to sign this form, so you can have your machine gun. The “no” answer is to slow down 99% of the individuals that just think they want a class 3 weapon. If you are dealing with a clerk and not him directly, this is what you deserve. However, there is the remaining 1%, that will do something intelligent, like make an appointment to talk about the signature, maybe have a cup of coffee, etc..

    6.After you have obtained an official signature, return the forms along with your photographs (taped to the back), your fingerprint cards, and your check for $200, (payable to The Department of the Treasury) to your dealer. All of this information, along with the FET fee, will be forwarded to the BATF and they will begin the process of transferring the ownership of the weapon to your name. No, you don’t give up all your rights at this point. Search warrants are still required by law, these days, even for an individual that owns a class 3 weapon.

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    Never heard of different level CCLs... If the state allows them, it's just a $200 tax stamp, registration, background check and local Leo approval. "Class three" referes to the Special Occupation Tax required to become a dealer in full auto or suppressed weapons...
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    Not all AK-47s are full auto.
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    As far as your decision the gun an AR and AK are two completely different guns all together. While they are both good rifles you will need to learn a bit to pick what suits you. And you won't need a full auto weapon lol at least I hope not. And that's not to say I wouldn't love to have one but I'd rather take the money it would take putting into acquiring one and use it towards other things. But if I had the money to blow lol yes if only:) but back to the point I've shot several of both rifles at different price ranges ($500-2000) but don't currently own either. For the average weapon you could expect the ak to be less expensive than the ar out of the box. For my uses of one of these rifles I would go ar all the way but that's just me plus when you have your "base" the options are endless! I want to build one myself soon
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    No such thing as an assault rifle.
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    Do you happen to live in Martinez Ca because as I am typing this post I am sitting on a bench Martinez lol
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    If it's just a bigger bullet you want, go with a AR-10. If you want a bigger bullet but with less recoil than the .308/7.62 AR-10, then sure, consider the AK.

    Try to find a range that'll rent you all three to shoot. Then you should be good to go.

    Another thing to keep in mind, .223/5.56 AR ammo is plentiful and cheaper. Plus, although a tad more complicated than a AK, you have no problem finding replacement/upgrade parts for the AR.

    I have my eyeballs on a Ruger SR-556C (AR style) with the gas piston operating system, although the SIG516 Patrol is about $300 cheaper.
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    @Kmurray96 that rugar is a nice gun. My buddy has it. The only bad thing I can say is he had a steel case tula or some junk that didn't go over well the first time out and was stuck in the gun like stove piped could not be removed lol. After this issue was remedied and we fed it something else it was beautiful and I was very impressed with it
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    Ok guys to the original poster,
    Please research both weapons and come to your own conclusion. I own multiples of each. The AK47 is pretty much idiot proof hence cavemen in third world countries able to use them with almost no training and maintenance. The AR15 is a little more complicated and needs a little more maintenance. The aftermarket has caught up with making the AK almost as modular as the AR( you can hang rails, lights, scopes, lasers, muzzle brakes and other assorted stuff all over it). The average AK has a lower price point and lower accuracy than most AR's. There are exceptions I'm talking on average.
    Legal full auto guns are cost prohibitive to the average shooter. Governmental paperwork, tax stamp and cost of weapon(usually in the $10,000 range).
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    My only advice is do the research, decide what caliber you want. And stay away from low end manufactures. This is one of the most debated topics in rifles. It all comes down to personal preference. What do you want out of your rifle?
  16. Here I am giving out false info..I learn something new everyday. I just knew that an every day citizen couldnt buy one legally, I knew they had to have some kind of permit/license.
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    This is correct. The technical term for these weapons is: sporting rifle or tacticool rifle.
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    I tell you what. Get yourself an AR-15 and save up for a suppressor. You'll thank me later. The first thing you need to do is move out of Komifornia. Then get yourself a nice AR-15 (LMT, LWRC, Colt, Stag, RRA) and a Titanium suppressor.

    With an AR-15 you're going to have a much larger selection of accessories and gunsmiths available to you if something happens or you want to do something to it. Most anything can be fixed or changed by you with videos from YouTube. Also, you're buying American instead of something made in Europe or China that has been stripped, cut up, and then imported to the US and then reassembled. Why buy Communist when you can by American?
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    Also to add to the correctiveness to this thread. There is no class III license you obtain . You may obtain a class III or NFA weapon by having an NFA trust set up or a corporation going through your FFL and the ATF then waiting 6-9 months to obtain the proper tax stamp . Fully automatic weapons are SUPER expensive !!!! Not worth the hassle or expense .

    In my OPINION .... AK's are getting really expensive . If you want that round grab a nice SKS.. Same round , just as accurate and easily customizable !