Arsenal Double Barrel Pistol

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    Has anyone seen this yet??

    With the Arsenal Firearms Double Barrel Pistol, you can fire two bullets with a single hand. Built in part to commemorate the Colt 1911-A1, this new pistol — given the model number AF2011-A1 — shoots two .45 caliber rounds at a time, accurately, and spaced incredibly close — at 15 yards, both rounds will fit into an orange — yet still manages to use a number of interchangeable internal parts, which can be swapped with standard 1911 replacement parts. Available in silver or black finishes.

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    I'm still going with ridiculous.......
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    It caught my attention and I am keeping an eye open thats for sure. It's defianetly an odd ball piece and I like my odd balls . It also weighs 4 pounds apparently. Wouldn't be suprised if it gets a bunch of bad backlash from the media and I beleive I saw it on the front page of and they called it scary or chilling. If hits the market at under a $1000.00 in the next year or so I'll put it on the wish list.
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    Af2011 a1

    1911 Made in Italy 45acp


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    Might as well add on one of those CZ "pistol bayonets" and mount an acog between the slides. Give it green grips, paint "zombie killer" on the side and pawn it off on the call of duty set.