Ares Ranger Belts

Discussion in 'Glock Accessories & Gear' started by Tillerman, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Tillerman

    Tillerman New Member

    I have seen these Ares Ranger Belts around on the web a lot and was wondering if anyone has one or knows anything about them.

    They look really cool and comfortable and I am thinking of getting one. Just wanted to see what you all think of the Ares Ranger Belts. Thanks
  2. Trotac

    Trotac New Member

    I believe those AR very similar to the Jones Tactical Cobra belts. I don't have any personal experience (yet) but MANY of holster customers have them and more of them to the extent that I am about to become a dealer with Jones. I know enough about the materials being used that I would have to believe they are a FANTASTIC belt.

  3. Tillerman

    Tillerman New Member

    Awesome thanks for the reply. Yeah I have a few of the wilderness belts for carry and for work and I like them but was looking for something different and these seem to maybe be the route I may go. I will check out the ones you mentioned also. Thanks