Are we safe at Disney?

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Trotac, Feb 21, 2012.

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    Watch this video and I'd imagine you'll be pretty shocked. I've always heard that there is 'high speed' type security around every corner and that there is NOTHING to worry about at the magic kingdom. But then you watch this and it is not quite the case.
    The security guard is completely useless in subduing and maintaining control over the drunken neanderthal. He obviously has very little or no training in ANY type of defensive tactics, and the crowd ends up saving his butt. I'd also bet that Disney has some pansy policy against their 'security guards' putting hands on someone, but this guy needed it long before he got it (and he still didn't "get it" from Disney people, but from other guests). I realize that this was a relatively minor incident and shouldn't have warranted a 'red alert', but if a simple combative drunk gives them this much problem, it makes me wonder how well prepared they really are.

    My family and I were there back in December and one of the guards freaked when she saw the pocket clip of my knife hanging outside of pocket. I told her that I was a LEO and she didn't need to over react. Then her and another security guard escorted me to the lock boxes to secure my knife. The other guard asked if I had a gun since I was a LEO... I told him no and he completely bought it even though I had my pocket gun right there in my pocket. After seeing the total lack of competence on the part of their folks in this video, I will most certainly continue taking my own measures to protect my family when I visit there in the future. I'd like to think this probably isn't the norm, but I didn't see any of their (visible) security types that would have remotely made me feel "safe" if some trouble had kicked off.
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    You mean to tell me that Disney World does not make people go through a metal detector

    or some other kind of security search, and you got in with a knife and a gun....!!

    WoW...not good !! That place is a terrorist dream...

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    Wow. Hope the bystanders who assisted did not get dinged with some kind of assault charge....note towards the end, when the Good Sams were all over the guy, the security dude was walking back n forth in the background.
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    I went to Disney World a few years back and I would have sworn I had to go through a metal detector. They have metal detectors at the Six Flags here in Arlington, Texas....
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    Nope... No metal detectors to be seen. The guard spotted my knife just before I got to the ticket gate, so it never actually made it into the park (that day). I guess thy figured that since I said I was a LEO that I wouldn't lie about my gun, but I believe in big boy rules when it comes to "no gun zones". They don't give a rip if you are police or not. (not that only the police are good guys or that we deserve anything special.)

    I spotted a few plainclothes types while we there, and I saw some Sheriff's office vehicles. I never saw any uniformed sworn personnel though. I have heard that the park is an entire, fully staffed "beat" to itself. It certainly should be, and I guess the do a fair enough job of keeping a low profile, but way too low in this case.
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    Anyone ever read Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six"?
  7. iGlock

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    Which one? Ive read one and played all the games lol
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    Great book as all his books are. Are we safe at any other self-defense free zones? We wouldn't want an accidental discharge in Space Mountain or it's a Small World now would we? Rule #1, stay away from crowds and dangerous situations. Mickey is divorcing Minnie she's rucking Goofy. Mickey could get a 50 cal with a big belt of ammo in that costume so don't stand to close to Goofy. Back to the book, crop dusters, public water supplies, etc. Wackos are everywhere so we 'pays our money and we takes our chances'.
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    The first Rainbow Six novel, where the terrorists take over a Disney-like theme park in Europe.

    Think about that scenario...

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper

    When i go anywhere i always have a weapon on me. ANYWHERE! This includes my trip to DC, on the flight, and into several amusement parks. If any of you are familiar with a kubaton, they are banned from airplanes and federal buildings in DC. A mini-Maglite is the exact same dimensions and can be used the same way. My "camera" bag, a maxpedition fatboy, has plenty of hiding spots that have yet to be searched by the bag probing security people at parks and fairs.