Are there any leo's in here?

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    I have a very interesting question & want the knowledge of someone in law.
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    I'm sure there are one or two on board so go ahead and ask away!

  3. I'm not specifically an LEO (I deal in federal fugitives nationwide) but I work very closely with them and 99% of my family is so I can try and help also.
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    Shoot away... I'll help best I can... Or just send me a private message...
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    I'll do my best to answer
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    Ok. Say a felon is released from prison & has to live with family who are responsible gun owners & perfect citizens. In a home invasion, someone busts in and shoots at will. The felon is the only person near the firearms at this time. Does the felon get the firearm & defend his & his family's life, or obey the laws set for him & everyone dies but the invader? This is not real just a thought that's racking my brain lol. I'm not a felon either.
  7. The legal answer is the felon goes to jail for using a firearm and the homeowners go to jail for having firearms in a home where a known felon is living.

    The real world answer is post bail and get a good lawyer.
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    Wow! I think America is becoming a 3rd world country
  9. Felons can't be in a home with guns, period.
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    I'm sure it's different in every state, but felons can be in the same home in Oregon and Oregon has a "lesser of two evils" law IRRC that would allow a felon to defend life with a deadly weapon.

    Firearms are required to be out of control of the felon in the home, not removed from home.

    PS> not LEO, just read law a little
  11. My hats off to Oregon, thats the way it should be.
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    DVCguns... Same applies here in MI... Firearms must be "unaccessible" to the felon... AKA gun safe or action locks....
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    In Ga. a felon can live in a home with firearms. They must be kept in "Private areas" he normally does not enter. Example, the home owners bedroom or closet, a locked storage area, etc..

    In example asked about. He would be arrested. Probably not tried or looking at jail time. Would be up to local DA.
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    Just as with all criminal law it varies from state to state.

    In IL a felon can live in a home where there are firearms; the home owner or immediate family member has to have an FOID :mad: , and the felon can't have access to the firearms i.e. they have to be locked up.
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    Plus, there's always the old 'tried by twelve or carried by six' hope of salvation.

    Some states even allow felons to be around guns. I think in PA there's a distinction between violent felons and non-violent.

    I'm not familiar with the exact law, so if someone from PA would care to comment, I'd sure appreciate it.