AR15 uppers in Stock????

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by bhale187, May 22, 2012.

  1. bhale187

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    Anyone know of a place that has any AR15 complete upper halfs in stock?

    Everywhere I have tried is backordered. I had orders in to Model 1, JSE, DSA, and canceled them all after 6+ weeks of waiting. I tried delton and a couple others that have slipped my mind at the moment, everyone is backordered.

    Anyone know of a place selling a basic 16" M4 or midlength or lightweight upper that is in stock?
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  2. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    Sorry, should have been more specific. I'm looking for a complete upper half
  3. G17XJ_BS

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  4. bhale187

    bhale187 New Member Supporter

    AH! just found one in stock at Palmetto for $300, no tax and free shipping.

    Thanks for the help guys!
  5. KeenansGarage

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    I was just about to say Palmetto State Armory! Free shipping is really good right now! I got a LBK on that deal. I might make another order soon.

    Also you can try SOTA arms. AIM surplus has some spikes uppers...but they don't last long.