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    I'm looking for an AR without braking the bank. This will be my first AR.... Any info or suggestions?
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  2. Well truth be told there are no cheap AR's. Yeah you might get into an actual weapon at a decent price but you WILL spend many more times than the weapon cost accessorizing it. It's just an inevitable thing that occurs and goes hand in hand with owning AR's/M4's.

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    ^^^ What Mike said...!! ^^^
  4. Never mind the fact that you will need to start a separate savings account for 223/556 because of all the lead you put down range shooting one.

    I hate even trying to suggest anyone in a direction on AR's because there's simply to much to choose from. A TON of companies make them now and I don't really like any of them as a complete weapon. My suggestion is join an AR forum and read your butt off then build one from the parts you think you may want instead of buying a complete weapon.
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    Sounds like much lol.... Think ill just stick to the AK
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    Just go buy a dpms oracle. $600 and it has forward assist and dust cover.. Cheap compared to 4 years ago.
  7. join an AR forum and read up before backing out.
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    I saw 1 today online & bookmarked it. $400 less than I planned on spending.
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    I built a fairly cheap AR about a year or so ago.

    I got the upper (R-Guns 5.56) from AIM Surplus $399 plus shipping ($10)

    I used a Plum Carzy Lower I bought from a local dealer $128 out the door.

    I put an NcStar detachable carry handle from eBay $25 and free shipping.

    The whole build ran a total of about $550 and it runs great. I've had zero issues with the lower, which has a lifetime warranty. The upper is made very solid and looks identical to my friends Bushmasters, CMMG's and Rock Rivers.

    It was an easy build and didn't break the bank at all. I run almost exclusively steel cased Wolf ammo I buy in bulk and still have yet to have any issues.
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    I agree with Mike, though it does depend, to a degree, on what you want it for. If you ultimately want a fully decked semi auto M4 that's ready to go to war, then there is no cheap option. If you want something basic you can plink with, you can find one for $600. Somewhere in between can range anywhere from $1200 to as much as you want to spend.

    I would suggest that you start with figuring out your "must have" features. Some things are inexpensive (relatively), like different stocks, other things can be more pricey, like quadrails/foreends. Personally, I'd suggest that if you want a quadrail or the ability to mount accessories on the front, then I'd buy an AR with one already installed. It's easier and cheaper, ultimately, where the stock is less can get nice collapsible stocks in the $100-150 range and really nice ones closer to $300. Do you want the carry handle, or a flat top where you can mount a scope or red dot? Putting on a decent scope or red dot is also pricey, but that's true of any gun.

    Once you decide on your list, and figure out what you can change out later, then start looking locally, look on Gunbroker, and look at various for sale sections of forums...even ones you're not a member of. Buying used, from someone who's already done the work, can save you both time and money.

    My first AR was a DPMS LR308B. Pretty basic rifle, but chambered in .308. I added a scope and changed the stock to a Magpul PRS, changed the handgrip and while I haven't, I want to put a quadrail on it...though I'm now reconsidering whether or not I'm actually going to, because I've since picked up another AR in 5.56.

    I've got about $1500 (not including magazines or rifle case) in the .308 and I'm not done modifying it yet. I bought the 5.56 used for $1250. It came with 7 mags, already had a quad rail, vertical foregrip & flashlight mount, adjustable stock, a RRA 2 stage trigger, tritium back up iron sights and an Eotech 512. I added a few magazines, a magnifier with a flip to side mount and I'm going to change the stock.

    Doing that, I'll be about equal, maybe a little less, than where I'm at with the .308, which I'm probably going to have another $200 or so in, unless I add the quadrail, by the time I'm done. That won't include ultimately putting a better scope on it and possibly having a red dot available for it. If I do that, I'll be adding another $600 or $700 on it.

    .308s tend to run a little more than 5.56s anyway, but if I were to do an apples to apples job on the .308, it would cost $2200+ vs the $1425 I'll have in the 5.56 and the cost of the base rifles is only a $300 difference.
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