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1. Stripper Lower Receiver (this is an FFL item)

2. Lower Parts Kit containing:
* trgger
* trigger spring
* hammer
* hammer spring
* trigger pin
* hammer pin
* disconnector
* disconnector spring
* safety selector
* safety selector detent
* safety selector spring
* take down pin
* take down pin detent
* take down pin spring
* pivot pin
* pivot pin detent
* pivot pin spring
* magazine catch lever
* magazine catch spring
* magazine catch button
* bolt catch
* bolt catch plunger
* bolt catch spring
* bolt catch roll pin
* trigger guard
* trigger gaurd roll pin
* pistol grip
* pistol grip screw and washer
* buffer retaining pin
* buffer retaining pin spring

3. buttstock assembly which should include:
* buttstock
* receiver extension tube
* buffer
* buffer spring
* receiver end plate
* buffer tube nut

4. Complete, assembled upper receiver with barrel, OR:
* stripper upper receiver
* forward assist plunger
* forward assist spring
* forward assist roll pin
* forward assist button
* ejection port cover
* ejection port cover spring
* ejection port cover pin
* ejection port cover pin cup
* barrel (with installed barrel extension nut)
* flash hider
* flash hider peel washer
* gas block (or front sight tower gas block)
* gas block taper pins (2 pins, or 3 hex screws)
* gas tube
* gas tube pin
* barrel nut
* delta ring
* weld spring
* hand guard snap ring
* hand guard assembly (typically top piece and bottom piece, with optional heatshield)
* front sling swivel (optional)
* front sling swivel pin (optional)
* A2 front sight tower containing:
--> front sight post
--> front sight detent
--> front sight detent spring

5. Bolt Carrier Group (BCG) containing:
* bolt carrier
* bolt carrier gas key
* bolt carrier gas key screws (2)
* bolt
* extractor
* extractor spring
* extractor pin
* extractor insert
* ejector
* ejector spring
* ejector roll pin
* bolt gas rings (3)
* firing pin
* firing pin retaining pin
* cam pin
* charging handle
* charging handle latch
* charging handle latch spring
* charging handle latch pin

6. Rear sight (depends on the type of upper receiver)

7. Magazines

Did I miss anything?

13,460 Posts
Sorry, you posted about the hamburgers while I was typing....

That should be a complete list of parts, unless I missed something (just going from memory here).

If you get a fully asssmbled BCG, then you do not need to worry about all the little parts.

Same with a fully assembled upper receiver.

Lowers are fun to assemble, should only take about 30 minutes or so if you take your time and watch TV while doing it.


13,460 Posts
Another thing, Apopka Fl is 5 mins from my house. Can I go and pick up the receiver there or does it still have to to to FFL?
If you are buying it from a licensed firearms dealer, it will need a NICS check.

If you are buying it from across state lines, it will need a NICS check.

If you are buying from an individual, you need to check the laws there. Over here (Nevada) no NICS check is done for private sales.
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