Ar 15 bi pod

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  1. n8tv

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    Hey just wanting to see how many of you use them. And what brand you use. I am shopping around for 1 now.
  2. dwcfastrice

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    I used one when I was doing distance shooting with my AR. I've gotten a "Dedicated" distance gun now, but the bipod is still on.
    It's a Mako Quick Release Bipod Foregrip:

    The foregrip is just like any other for close quarters. When you need a stable platform, hit the buttom, the grip splits apart into legs. There are extended legs in the grip and the leg height is adjustable.
    They're much more stable than the ones were the legs come out of the bottom of the foregrip, making it look like an upside down "y".

    I prefer these over the standard bipods as it doesn't get in the way if you need to manuever.

    I REALLY like these:

    As they fold up on the side, so you can use the magpul angled fore grip:

    BTW, don't hit the magpul homepage (the store pages seem OK). It seems to be infected with malicious software.

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  3. shoognite

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    I have the Vltors on my 20" They are one of the more expensive setups, but also the lightest.
  4. Argyle64

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    I used to use a Harris. Mounted to the bottom of my 12" Troy rails. Solid setup and highly recommend for distance shooting.
  5. hoovco

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    +1 on the Harris. Those bipods rock. Can't go wrong with em.