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Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by jbm2004, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. jbm2004

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    I am going to buy an AR-15 in a month or two. I was wondering what companies make a really solid gun. My budget will be about $1000. My friends keep telling me Spikes tactical make a good gun. Let me know what input you have. I'm pretty uneducated on AR-15's. Thanks guys.
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    Rock River Arms would be my first and probably only choice in that price range if not assembling one myself.

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    If you are not going to build your own, then I would absolutely get a Rock River Arms or a Spikes Tactical!! My $.02
  4. I know that if you are buying from spikes the wait time is over a year right now. Was on the phone with them today about buying a lower and the wait time was 14 months
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    Hello, JBM2004, and WELCOME to the Forum!

    Please post a *Hi There* in the Introductions section and share a little about yourself and your Glocks, so other Members can welcome you to the family as well.

    About your Q: have you considered building one?

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    You can get decent basic rifles from Bushmaster or DPMS in that price range. If you save up a little more and hit the $1200-1400 range, you can find much better options. Browse and see what's out there.

    You might also want to consider buying used. You'll get more bang for your buck and you'll get something that's already built out and broken in.
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    I have thought about that, I'm really open to that option since it would be cheaper. So what I've gathered so far is rock river arms and spikes tactical are the way to go. There is a gun shop near me that carries spikes uppers and lowers. I figure it cost me about $900 stripped down.
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    Welcome to the Glock Forum jbm2004 !!