AR-10 build.

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  1. I have seen a lot of people building their own AR-15's and I want to go a different route. I want to build an AR-10, which to my under standing shoots the .308 or 7.62 round. This is going to be my long over time project so just for now I am looking at lowers. Cause most of the uppers I have seen are a thousand plus, so that will take a little time to save up for.

    I am thinking about a DPMS lower or a Armalite lower. Kinda cheap cause I still have to pay a $200 tax stamp. Would either one be a good starting choice or dose any one else have an opinion on what lower to start out with?

    Any and all input on a AR-10 build is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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    DPMS would make a fine lower for your AR-10.

    Why would you need a tax stamp? Are you going full auto?

  3. I am under the impression that in order to own a AR you need to pay a tax stamp. Am I wrong on this? If I am wrong, then I can spend a little more for a lower.

    The lower is what they classify as the firearm don't they? So I am planing to order the lower threw the place I get my firearms.

    No full auto in Illinois. :(
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    Just keep in mind that building an AR10 isn't like building an AR15. The lowers and uppers are proprietary. Once you choose a lower you pretty much have to find parts for that certain lower. Ex. DPMS parts for DPMS lower, Armalite parts for an Armalite lower. MEGA makes a pretty nice AR10 platform too. From experience, DPMS parts are easier to get but Armalite stuff is a bit nicer in my opinion, but you also pay a little more for the name.
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    You don't have to pay a stamp unless it's an NFA piece. SBR, suppressor, or machine gun. Civvy owned machine guns are illegal unless it's a pre 1986 registered firearm or sear.
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    The lower is the part they classify as the firearm and that's what you will have to do your regular state mandated firearm purchase laws but the only time you need a tax stamp is for full autos.

    I am not familiar with Illinois's laws and I know there strict but I live in California and the laws are similar to yours.

    You shouldn't have to go through anything different then when you buy a Glock or any other firearm.
  7. Awesome then! The lower might get done pretty quick then. Just need a good quality, strong lower. :)
  8. So it is basically going to be a full DPMS or Armalite AR-10. Thanks for the info.
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  9. I think I have found a lower suitable for my build:

    and the internals:

    The specs say the: "308 Kit fits DPMS LR-308 series lower receivers and compatible .308/7.62mm lowers"

    So I am thinking it will fit the lower I picked out, will it?

    This is mostly going to be a fun range gun so I would like to keep it chambered in the 7.62 round. So am I going to need parts for a 7.62 or will these .308 parts work?

    All so will any pistol grip and stock fit on a AR-10 or is that going to have to be pacific to the lower receiver as well?

    Thanks for all the information so far! I'm going to try to start the build here at the end of the month. So pics will eventually make their way on here. My first AR build by the way. :)
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    I'm not really a fan of the Armalite NM triggers. You might like em though. Gisele (sp) makes awesome triggers. You can order a LPK without the trigger assembly. Just make sure you get some trigger pins with your trigger. You can find other grips and stocks ... some might take a little modification. Nothing too hard or involved really. Even though the receivers are proprietary, some stuff will be able to transfer between platforms.

    That LPK you had above your previous post will fit in the DPMS receiver you had picked out.

    A lot of places will say if it's for Armalite or DPMS platforms. A good site to check is They've got decent prices and you can get some govt. contract overrun stuff through em. They've got a 24" SASS barrel for something like 345$ bucks right now.
  12. Awesome! thanks for the link. The more and more I research it, I am going to go the Armalite route since a lot of people are saying when they think of a AR-10 plat form they think of Armalite. An they are based in Illinois so that is a plus.

    I have never fired a AR plat form so I think I will stick with the Armalite trigger in the package and if I don't like it I will change it out. Is there any triggers out there that wont work with the Armalite body?
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    Usually ar15 triggers and ar10 triggers are swappable. I'm not too sure what the difference is. I know you can put a Timney AR10 trigger in an AR15 ... that must mean the trigger pin sizing and spacing is the same. Maybe the difference is hammer spring weight? Either way ... If you just google AR10 trigger + whatever brand you're looking for, you should find something. The NM trigger is a good trigger ... I'm just not a fan of a 2 stage trigger setup. You might like the 2 stage a lot. If anything, if you change triggers you have a decent trigger left over for your next AR build. Ha.
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    You might need to verify IL laws, but as far as Federal, you're good.

    This is becoming less and less true as more companies are getting into the "AR-10" game. One thing for sure, Armalite is only compatible with Armalite.

    Many AR-15 parts are AR-10 parts as well. The pistol grip will be one of those things. Certain two stage triggers specify that they are compatible with .308 ARs, but standard AR triggers should be sufficient.

    That lower & parts kit will be fine. The only thing I don't like with DPMS is that they machine in the straight triggerguard; there's no option for a larger one for use with gloves.

    That Rainier kit, coming with a two stage trigger is nice.

    The reason people say that is because the AR was developed by Armalite and the original design was in the larger caliber.

    Personally, if I were to build one from scratch, I would stay away from Armalite for two reasons: 1) their stuff tends to be more expensive than comparable parts from other makers and 2) because they have almost zero interchangeablilty with parts from other companies.

    If you build an Armalite, not only will you spend more, but you'd be advised to keep more spare parts on hand, simply because if it breaks and everyone's out of stock, you're stuck until the supply chain is filled again. If you go with DPMS, you'll have a lot more options for parts, both in uppers and small stuff.

    I might consider buying a whole Armalite, if the price were right. The price, however, is rarely right.

    Their website kinda sucks, but RRA has good stuff too.

    They don't seem to sell lowers; I'm not sure if they're getting them from another company or simply not selling their own. They have everything else though.

    The main things, aside from the obvious (receivers, barrels, bolts, mags, etc), that are going to be .308 specific (oh, and when you get to the upper, I'd go with a 7.62 chamber, rather than a .308 only regret with my DPMS) are stock/buffer tube/spring/buffer and the handguard and gas block. A lower parts kit is a lower parts kit (unless it's for a Colt or Armalite, then they're specific).

    Having priced all of this out in the past, unlike an AR15, building an AR10 is significantly more expensive than buying a base rifle an customizing it. I bought my 18" DPMS .308 "optics ready" (AKA no sights) for under $1K. Scoped it, changed the stock, pistol grip and I'm putting in a two stage trigger. I might, at some point, change the handguard, though now that I have my AR15 (I was originally going to go AR10 only), it's not really necessary. I put a set of Magpul BUIS on a set of 45 degree rail adapters since they won't cowitness with my scope.

    Oddly, if you'd taken my rifle and split it into a complete upper and a complete lower, retail would've been a few hundred dollars more, it wouldn't have been test fired and I wouldn't have a .5MOA guarantee from DPMS. :)

  15. Why would you rather have a 7.62 upper? If I understand what I have been reading, you can fire a 7.62 out of a .308 cause the pressure of the 7.62 is less then the .308. A .308 in a 7.62 would blow up.

    I really appreciate the info cause even tho I was leaning towards Armalite I am still researching before I make the plunge on the lower. I mainly just want to build one for the experience, that's why I kinda don't want to just buy one.

    Edit: I was thinking I could possibly save money if I wait for sales on parts.
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    Here's a good read on the differences.

    The 7.62 NATO ammo I've found tends to run cheaper and be more easily found. Plus, I have a 1916 Mauser in 7.62 NATO. Maintaining two rounds of similar calibers is annoying.
  17. Thanks for the info but as it stand now this project is on the back burner. I got to find a new job. :(