Anyone who know the Virginia conceal laws first hand

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  1. SikkLee

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    It officer ethics against civilian carry, or the loopholes online....I need definitive answers if anyone is so versed in VA....Ty
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    Just post your question.

  3. SikkLee

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    If the handgun is in my name, and I have conceal permit, can I have the clip in the pistol while it's in my car?

    Does a fuel station that sells beer count the same as a restaurant with abc license when concealing?

    If I'm concealed and someone tries to fight me and I fend them off physically, no use of firearm but police show, am I getting charges?

    Hmm I had so many questions and now someone's interested in answering I'm drawing blanks ......
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    1. Yes, but you need to be familiar with reciprocity if crossing state lines.

    2. You are allowed to carry in restaurants that serve alcohol as long as you DONT drink. Exception is if the place of business restricts carrying firearms.

    3. What???
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    I think he was asking if he got in a fight with someone and he had his weapon but didn't use it would he be charged. The answer to that would most likely be to gun charges. Assault charges maybe or at least disorderly conduct unless the guy tried to rob you or something. Unless you were brandishing the gun, then you'd probably be charged for something.
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    Cool thanks guys
  7. CDR_Glock

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    I recommend that you read up on the statutes yourself to understand the laws. Being naive of the nuances is no excuse. You'll go to jail if you violate the laws.

    If you are the instigator in a fight or escalated the fight, then don't think you can draw on him:her for SD. There is no Castle Doctrine in VA, Yet.
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    Hello, SikkLee, and WELCOME to the Forum.

    First off, if you post a *Hi There* in Introductions, other Members will be able to welcome you as well, and may be able to help further.

    Now, to your questions: It is difficult to infer exactly what it is you are asking of the readers without a detailed explanation and definition of the scope of your questions.

    That being said, while you may receive opinions and views from other Members, it is your sole responsibility to know the laws pertaining to possession and transport of a firearm as well as the laws and limitations governing the use of deadly force as they would apply in your jurisdiction.

    Please bear in mind that even if backed up with specific quotes from law texts, in the eyes of Law Enforcement Agencies in your jurisdiction, it is your own duty to know these laws.

    The views and opinions expressed here do not constitute actual legal advise, and Glock Forum cannot be held liable for any misinterpretations or misstatements of the laws as they would apply to you or any other person posting to this thread.

    Thank you, and Cheers!
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    What Happysniper said and then some!

    In Virginia it is very easy to get a CCW. Just about any kind of class (including online 1 hour courses) count towards the education requirement and there is no shooting requirement.

    The following page has a decent synopsis of the laws in VA:

    If the questions above are things you think might be an issue you should consult an attorney. I took a two day CCW course which included shooting. At the end of the course the instructor gave us all cards for an attorney in VA that sub-specializes in defending gun owners. It is important to get "legal" advice from an appropriate source like a lawyer though.
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    I have my CCL here and I can tell you that your local circuit court will have all of that information handy as some localities differ from within each state. It's best to know them if you intend to CC.

    You can drive with your handgun concealed and with a loaded magazine inserted. You have no duty to inform the officer unless he asks. This is to your discretion.

    So long as you don't drink while CC you will be fine if you go where alcohol is served.

    If you CC do NOT start any fights or you will go to jail. Avoid confrontation at all costs and use you weapon only as a last resort to protect you or someone you loves life or well being.

    Carrying a concealed weapon is a huge responsibility and should be taken very seriously. Not only a matter of law, but a huge moral responsibility as well. I urge you to go to the court and learn the laws before carrying. The court library is open to the general public. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon in the world.

    BTW clips are used to load rounds into a firearm.(I.E. stripper clips used to load a bolt action internal mag.) Magazines hold the ammo in your firearm. Automatic pistols have magazines.

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