Anyone use Maxpedition gear??

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  1. Angry_Dave

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    I have really wanted to get something from them I just dont know if its really worth it? I can't find any local retailers so I can go get touchy feely with any of it. Anyone who has input let me know what you have and pros and cons and what not I'd appreciate it.

    Thanks, Dave
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  2. Whiskey

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    I use their **** all the time. It's definitely worth the price. They make awesome pouches and gear and you can tell the quality when compared to other gear held next to it. They have some weird color schemes on their pouches, but still are very cool to add.

    Bottom right is maxpedition barnicle pouch on my rig. They make a lot of compact pouches that hold a lot to minimize space usage on Molle systems.

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  3. vindicated

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    :drool: Do wan't that rig.
  4. larry

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    I have the 12 inch pistol case for my G19. Very good quality and got a good price on Amazon.
  5. Tillerman

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    I have a few of their products and they are very good and quality made. :)
  6. cvitter

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    I have a Maxpedition Stika Gearslinger that I use mostly for a range back and I like it quite a bit. I also use it on day hikes and have a Camel Bak bag inside the rear comparent. The bag is very high quality and tough as nails.
  7. vidtech

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    I carry the Monsoon Gearslinger very tough well made. It lets me carry a lot of stuff. I use it for work. It's fair as a work carry all. It will be wonderful on a hike or overnighter. It's a little heavy for hand carry. Once you have it onyour back it's great.
  8. jonm61

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    I have the Jumbo LEO versipack. I've had it for a few years now and it's still rock solid, hasn't faded (it's black) and other than the zipper pulls coming untied periodically, it's been awesome. Definitely worth it. When I bought it, I carried it every day. I had a lot of stuff to haul around and no pair of cargo pants could handle it. Most of their stuff has a CCW pocket and I can leave spare mags, flashlight, pens, etc in it all the time. Makes it very easy to just grab it and go.

    I saw a guy at a gun show a few weeks ago that was wearing one that was designed to go over the shoulder around his waist (and the strap appeared to be fully extended...that was one big waist). That bag looked liked it got lots of abuse and I thought if it can stand up to him, mine will probably last for the rest of my life.
  9. SHOOTER13

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    I have quite a few different pouches for knifes, magazines, cell phones...

    usually pick them up at local gun shows...can't say I've seen them anywhere else.

    Good quality gear !
  10. P35

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    Maxpedition makes good stuff. I own and use a Fatboy and a Jumbo, plus several pouches and sheaths.
  11. american lockpicker

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    Its Asian made so you might want to consider other quality brands like tactical tailor.
  12. odgreen

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    I'm getting this range bag from Maxpedition (sabercat)

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  13. Blades

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    They make okay stuff, but I try to buy the gear made in the US, when I can: S.O. Tech, High Speed Gear Inc., Tactical Tailor, Original S.O.E. Gear, Zulu Nylon Gear, Kifaru, Blue Force Gear, Spec-Ops and many more.

    Plenty of others that make good gear overseas: Emdom USA Inc., Blackhawk, 5.11 Tactical, Camelbak, Paladin, and many more.

    Some of my gear:
    Kifaru E&E with a custom Admin Panel-

    Camelbak TriZip-
    I have a black H.A.W.G. not pictured.

    Paladin Mission Go Bag-
    I only have the black one now, sold/traded the other two.

    My Blue Force Gear Jedburgh Pack-
    The green Micro pack has been sold.
    I'll have to take a picture of the inside, it is "hook&loop", that is where I am carrying my G30SF.

    Plus lots of subload pouches.
  14. Blades

    Blades Senior Member

    My Blue Force Gear "Jedburgh":
    G30SF and pouches.
    13round G21 magazine and Spyderco Hossom Forester.
    Pouches moved, 10round magazine.
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  15. I find it difficult to pay premium prices for Chinese goods. If I am looking for a bargain, I will buy it at walmart at the lowest price. If I need to depend on it and it is going to cost a bit I try hard to find USA made gear.
  16. jonm61

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    Unfortunately "made in the U.S.A." doesn't necessarily = better quality. I've seen a lot of stuff made here that's absolute junk for the same price as decent or better stuff made overseas. Sometimes made here means equal quality at a much higher price.

    I prefer to buy stuff made in the US, but my income is limited, so if I can get equal quality at 2/3 the price or 3/4 the price, that's what I do.

    Of course, we're talking about made in the US stuff on a forum dedicated to European guns...
  17. I would put Austria on par with the US for making quality goods. The thread is in regard to tactical gear and you aren't likely to find many options beyond US and China.
  18. american lockpicker

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    Actually Austrian quality is better. I've had tools and electronics from there and its outstanding. Also for tactical gear you can find stuff from Crotia and Norway.