Anyone shoot .380?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by CDR_Glock, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. CDR_Glock

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    Was looking in the different forums and I saw two guns up for trade, a P220 and a P238. I rented the P238 and it was a fun gun to shoot, so I said what the heck, I want both. So I sent off my goodies for trade today. I want a pocket carry gun and the Diamondback DB9 is still in the shop (been in the shop more than my home - I guess it's supposed to be like a Jaguar (the car)).

    So anyone shoot .380? What is your preferred ammo for SD? What is your typical practice range distance?
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  2. Kmurray96

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    Ruger LCP, Hornaday Critical Defense. Get used to the sights and you'll be good to go.

    The difference to me was putting a coating of neon pink nail polish on the front sight.

    If you are familiar with a S&W revolver trigger, you'll be right at home with the LCP. Trigger stacks and breaks clean.

    By getting used to the sights, I mean that I've found the front sight has to stand proud of the rear sights.

  3. american lockpicker

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    I used to have a Beretta 1934. :) I like FMJ ammo at very close range.
  4. Donn

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    Don't let the size fool you. 380's expensive to shoot and, at least around here, sometimes hard to find.
  5. bustedknee

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    Some years ago I owned a Beretta 84 and an AMT Backup. And carried them a lot.

    Each winter the kids would ask what I wanted for Christmas.
    My answer was always the same, "Ammunition".

    This was in Alaska and I had been stuck in the house because of extreme cold temps. So a few days after Christmas I headed out of the house with an armload of mixed brands of new ammo.
    It was 15 degrees below zero when I hopped out of the truck with a pistol in each pocket of my parka.
    In the gravel pit, someone had set up and shot a large laminated particle board that was about and inch and 1/2 thick. So I decided to use their target.

    After each shot I noticed a strange noise. So I changed guns, then changed ammo. I was hearing a bang then a whrrrrr.
    Inspection of the board showed the bullets we not penetrating but bouncing off. It was a good thing I was not facing the board straight on. The ricochets were flying into the woods rather than straight back at me!
    Cautiously, I pulled out my 9mm and fired a couple shots. Full penetration!

    I traded both 380's shortly after that.

    Now, maybe the extreme cold temps had something to do with the lack of penetration. Maybe the materials in the board had something to do with the lack of penetration. But maybe, just maybe, the wimpy 380 load had something to do with it?

    Whatever it was, the 9mm worked and I can conceal a 9mm anywhere I can conceal a 380.

    I see little use for a gun that is the same size and weight of a 9mm and shoots cartridges that cost more than 9mm but have less power.

    My advice is, get a real gun.
  6. Redcedar

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    Yes I do. A Walther ppk and Sig 238.Why? BecauseIf my gun isn't comfortable,how long can you carry it?
    I stick that little Sig in my pocket all the time and with the new ammo
    It will do just fine.
    A .45 cal won't do any better if you can't carry it.
    To much bravado and no common sense.
  7. rivalarrival

    rivalarrival Are we there yet?

    I contend that a bad guy's chest at ~98.6F is a bit more permeable than 1 1/2" thick particle board at -15F. I like my little TCP, but I'll never come under the impression that it's anything other than a backup weapon, a weapon of last resort, or something to hand to the good guy who was stupid enough to not bring a gun to a gun fight.

    .380 is relegated to the role of BUG and/or stocking stuffer. It's one of the few handguns that my kids can get something resembling a proper grip on, and it's tame enough for them to shoot.

    9x17 ammunition is significantly more expensive and significantly less capable than it's big brother 9x19 Luger/Parabellum. They can cram a 9mm cartridge into a PF9, LC9, and several other guns just barely larger than the P3AT/LCP/TCP, so the .380 is always going to be stuck primarily in a tiny niche role.
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  8. The Corbon Powrball stuff will feed in almost anything, but finding it can be problematic. Many recommend just using FMJ in a 380, but if you find ammo that will feed {since it's a Sig, that shouldn't be a problem] go with good JHP.
  9. Kmurray96

    Kmurray96 Well-Known Member Supporter

    Never had a fail with the LCP.
  10. Happysniper1

    Happysniper1 New Member

    My absolute first gun purchase in the US ever was a Hi-Point .380....loved that thing! Shoots great, but before I got into reloading, was expensive to shoot.

    Have a couple other .380s in my collection, but none as accurate as the Hi-Point.
  11. CDR_Glock

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    I carry Glocks in 40 or 45. If there are times when the most discreet carry is necessary, then I could have this to my disposal. Outdoor winter carry is better with a 45ACP. This just happens to be another tool in the shed.
  12. SHOOTER13

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    My .380's...

    I own a few .380's...and have used them as BUG's from time to time.

    Practice with FMJ's at 10-15 yards...carry HP's...usually the Hornady

    Critical Defense rounds.

    Made in 1922...


    Made in 1972...


    ...and have even carried this 9x18... made in 1961

  13. rdean45acp

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    Im not a big. 380 guy but I did own a micro desert eagle and that little gun was really cool! Regret getting rid of it. Mind you im a single action 1911 kind of guy at heart that loves striker fired Glocks too, but that little eagle had like a freakin 12 pound trigger pull but I loved it. Maybe because it was smoothe even though it was heavy.?? I put about 700 rds through it and never had one hiccup or ftf but I ended up trading it with a shotgun for a Springfield trp. Only later to sell that which really made me sad! To make a long story short I like 380's and feel that if that's the only gun or caliber you got on you at the time it's better than the 45 in your night stand.
  14. american lockpicker

    american lockpicker New Member

    Very nice!!! I always liked that model colt, I hope I can find a mint one in .32 someday...
  15. Happysniper1

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    As a sidenote, in the IDPA match I attended last Saturday, there was a guy in our squad who was using a tiny little Kahr .380. And he was shooting pretty danged good! Heck, his score is probably better than mine! And he knocked those 1/2" steel plate poppers with a very quick doubletap. Watching this guy shoot changed my opinion of tiny pocket pistols for accuracy, as well as the .380ACP cartridge in general.

    Years ago, I bought a Walther PPK/S in .380, only because it was the James Bond gun. The wifey has sequestered it, and it is her primary carry (she also carries a .22LR as backup). We used to shoot nothing but PMC ammo thru the .380s, never had a single problem.

    Of course, now we have reloaded stocks of ammo. :) .380 ain't cheap!
  16. littleposerfish

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    i have a Browning BDA 380 and i love this one. ammo is not so bad. i always shoot up a white box of winchester 100 rounds for 30$ but i have a guy reload some stuff for me at 10$ a 50 pack. i really enjoy a nice 380.
  17. littleposerfish

    littleposerfish New Member

    my 380

    i love this pistol. it has a nice fat grip and feels the hand nice. very reliable, and at 15

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  18. unit44justin

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    Congrats on the Sig P238 purchase, it is a dream to shoot compared to the LCP. My dad has an LCP and the recoil is just damn ridiculous. I rented the P238 the other day and I was instantly amazed and how much easier it is to shoot than the LCP. The recoil is so mild on the P238 that unlike the LCP I don't need the finger mag extension to keep the firearm from riding up in my palm. There are a couple things that I do dislike about the P238. First is the trigger guard, it feels short as you roll your finger down from the high safe position down to the trigger, you have to bend your finger to get inside the trigger guard. The LCP, the trigger finger is able to quickly roll down on to the trigger to squeeze a round off. I honestly feel the P238, being a deep conceal firearm would benefit more to have an SA/DA trigger with a decocker instead of being a SA with a manual thumb safety. As you carry it in the pocket I would be afraid of the thumb safety accidentally getting flipped to fire mode. I do like the fact that the LCP has a recessed hammer making it less able to get caught on something as you draw. Even though the P238 has the drawback of having a thumb safety and being SA only I do think I will be making the purchase of one possibly this upcoming weekend and keeping it as a back up firearm.
  19. CDR_Glock

    CDR_Glock Well-Known Member

    The safety takes a bit of pressure to release. 5 days in the rear pocket. No problems with the safety being inactivated in an uncle mikes holster.
  20. Love my P238! I have been absolutly awed by how it shoots. At the range I use Magtech FMJ ammo, but for carry ive been loading it with winchester 95 gr supreme elite PDX1 rounds. They seem to cycle flawlessly and it doesnt hurt that the PDX1 bullet is what the FBI chose for their ammo.