Anyone ever seen ballistics like this?

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    Insane fps and energy from magsafe, but with such tiny fragments I would not trust them as a defensive round.

    I also don't believe the Strasbourgh tests are legit, if they were why wouldn't any researcher put them name to the tests? If they didn't think it was an ethical test they should not have done it, and if no scientist or researcher will claim authoring the tests it just ends up looking like a ammo company sales pitch.

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    But still though, holy hell. That's insane. I'd love to test some for myself.
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    I can't read that picture haha. But I went on the website. I find it hard to believe that this would actually work well. My .357 magnum ammo that I just bought (125 Grain Hornady FTX Critical Defense) provides better ballistics than this ammo. sure, it's not traveling as fast, but it hits harder.
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    This is frangible ammo lol
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    This is a slow motion video of their .40 in ballistics gel.
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    I know it is frangible ammo, but they tout it as superior to all self-defense ammo currently produced. I'm just not seeing it.
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