Anyone else own an Airsoft Glock?

Discussion in 'General Firearm Forum' started by stoplookin, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. stoplookin

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    Got a glock 19 it's airsoft but pretty cool!
  2. WadeP

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    Congrats on the find. Glock, Inc is not airsoft friendly. "Protecting their trademarks", which apparently includes not only markings but the shape of the pistol so at times, it is difficult to find good glock airsoft clones in this country.

    Great for many uses. Force on force training, training to move while shooting, point shooting, reloading drills and anything you can dream up...all that you can practice in your backyard or garage. And for stray cat control as well.

    I have four: Two G19 size by KSC but I just got two standard G17 size pistols from WE. They all work great and are surprisingly accurate up to 50 feet or so. I recommend gas guns with metal slides such as those listed. I run mine on propane with silicone added every few mags. Some people have had good luck with the "ATP", which is sorta Glock like and uses Co2 cartridges.
    Two keys to success: buy quality guns and BB's. If the gun costs less than $120, it's junk. Buy once, cry once.

    Good sources of airsoft gear are online, not at Academy Sports.
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  3. SHOOTER13

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    Welcome to the Glock Forum stoplookin !!

    How about a few pics of that Airsoft Glock...?
  4. Webphisher

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    For me, for training wise, I'd get a blade tech barrel and some snap caps. I've been using an HK airsoft pistol for years for training while I was waiting to buy a real gun. It was nice to use, but at this point I'm happier using my Glocks :D
  5. n8vyc

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    I have a full auto gas glock 19 and a full auto 18. Verry fun!!
  6. DnJ90

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    I have a model 18.It's gas and a load of fun!
  7. Hamster

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    I recently discovered an electric (rechargeable) semi and full auto airsoft Glock 18 and tried my best to find one to buy. The problem is, they were Chinese made copies that were never authorized by Glock and have since been discontinued so, all the ones currently in the U.S. are all that will ever be.
    After weeks of searching, I kept coming up empty. Websites would show to have them in stock until I tried to actually buy one, which is when it would show up as "out of stock".
    I finally ended up finding one that looks like a Sig Saur but, all the other specs are identical to the Glock version. Same rate of fire, FPS, battery type, 30rnd mag, etc. It's quite accurate up to about 70ft. After that the BB's tend to curve to the right. On full auto, it shoots insanely fast at just under 900 rpm which means you can empty the entire magazine in about 3 seconds.

    I have 2 CO2 pistols as well. One is modeled after a Beretta 92, is non-blowback and shoots at about 450 fps. The other is modeled after a Walther P99, is officially licensed and therefore has all the same markings as the real thing, has blowback (which causes an annoyingly loud "clink" from the metal slide each time it is fired) and shoots at about 410 fps.

    I've tried to stay away from green gas guns as much as possible. The gas isn't locally available and the nearest place that sells airsoft supplies is 60 miles away. I know you can use propane if you add silicone every so often but, that smells really bad. I heard somewhere that there was a CO2 conversion kit available but, a friend blew the seals out of one of his 40mm grenades and 2 pistol mags trying that.
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  8. I have a KJW G23 gas blowback airsoft Glock with tradmarks. It looks exactly like my real Glcok G23 and weight also the same loaded plus my Glcok light/laser fits right on it.
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  9. BlueBoa87

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    I got a TM EBB G18 fully auto its pretty accurate but not as good as my G 22 .40 S&W has any kind of air soft you want
  10. jwjameswilson

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    What about the trigger? Does it compare to a real glock?

    BLCKWLF GrassHopper


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    ya an old KWA green gas version i have not used it in years but when i did it was a great back up left welts...:D