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Originally planned to only spend 2 hours at French Creek State Park to sight in my AR and to throw some rounds downrange with the Mosin M38. Ended up talking to a bunch of people and spreading the news about and 2 hours turned into 4.

Put 120 rounds through the AR to finally get the reflex sight dialed in. Now to re do the MBUS sights.

Ended the day by putting 105 rounds through the Mosin M38.

I didn't "repaper" with a new sheet when I started shooting the mosin, I just plastered a target over top of the AR sighting target.

Today's target, 50 yds:

Not sure why this keeps showing up landscape. It's portrait in photobucket..... Sorry. :confused:

Once you know where to hold your sights on the Mosin, it is surprisingly accurate. :D Detail of the Mosin M38 Target:

Happy Fourth!!


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I spent about two hours detail stripping and cleaning my "new" SKS. Then I cleaned my shotgun and installed a Limbsaver pad on the stock.

Then I cut the grass (which was sadistic in this VA heat) and decided it was time to relax and enjoy the 4th with an American made beer:).

Happy 4th of July
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